FIE’s Mission and Values

Educational Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality educational experiences to the global community. In pursuit of these goals, FIE is committed to the development of creative learning environments wherein an understanding of, and appreciation for, the privileges and responsibilities of international citizenship is fostered. This commitment is driven by the belief that interaction between people of diverse cultures is the base upon which empathy among nations is built.

Articulated Values

From our formal missions, FIE has devised specific values which underpin and motivate all aspects our organization. They are as follows.

Knowledge and Inclusivity

  • A recognition of the social, cultural and historical context of knowledge, and of knowledge as socially and culturally constructed and maintained.
  • An understanding of the potential for contribution of non-dominant groups and recognition of their role, power and privilege, within fields of study.

Ethics and Human Rights

  • A recognition of issues of social justice at global and national levels.
  • Awareness of ethical implications of personal choice and governmental action.

Social and Cultural Reflection and Action

  • A heightened awareness of civic and social responsibilities at local and global levels.
  • Developing our understanding, appreciation of and empathy towards diverse cultures and identities.
  • A continued engagement in cross-cultural and multicultural communication.

Commitment to the Environment

  • Active engagement with environmental impact.
  • Addressing issues of sustainability and applying initiatives.