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2012 Olympics Across the Curriculum

London has been gearing up for the 2012 Summer Olympics for a number of years, and as we get closer to the big event, the city is abuzz. FIE’s approach to using London as a learning resource and incorporating current issues and events into the curriculum will undoubtedly create links to the Olympic Games. From the marketing of the Games, to the urban renewal anticipated for London’s East End, to the environmental impacts of the Games, no curricular area will remain untouched.

The extra-curricular calendar has and will continue to include Blue Badge walking tours of the Olympic development.  In addition, FIE will aim to organize tickets for the Olympic testing program, set to take place over the course of the next year. This will no doubt be a popular activity for Londoners, hence there will be a great deal of competition for these tickets.

A particular highlight of FIE’s course offerings is Sporting London: British Identity Through the Olympic Games. Taught by Ms. Helen Curtis since Fall 2010, this popular course has grown over the terms in its ability to utilize the Games as a lens to view society and identity in the UK. Known for her enthusiasm for sport and particularly the Games, Helen is not only writing her dissertation in this exciting area, but has a great deal of practical experience as a volunteer and program coordinator for past Olympic Games. Students enrolled in this course will gain the skills to analyze sports as a social phenomena and use them as an analytical tool to illuminate contemporary situations and problems in the international arena, provide an insight into the wide range of British sports and sports organizations through practice and study visits, and apply a sociological lens to the world of sports and athletics through the incorporation of academic writing, popular media and personal experiences and observations. Past co-curricular activities have included:

  • Olympic Park Viewing Gallery tour and meeting with a representative from the Newham unit for the 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Newham Sports Academy, Stratford -Newham unit for the 2012 Games, to study local talent being coached for the Olympics.
  • City of London Academy, Southwark – an e.g. of a university PE department in action with state-of-the art facilities.
  • Academy of Sports (East London)- to study how a partnership with the Tottenham Hot Spurs Football Club works to promote football among less privileged sections in the East End of the city. Or a site visit to Fulham Football Club to examine its youth development project.
  • Conducted tour of Chelsea Football Club and Brentford Football Club. The latter to explore the social service element connected with the game.
  • Conducted tour of Wimbledon Lawn and Tennis Club.