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FIE ‘Craic’ Factor 2012

A social highlight from Dublin

The ‘Craic’ Factor was FIE Ireland’s very own version of the X Factor and, to be honest, the quality was probably better! Despite the temptations of Dublin City, all the students hung around their Blackhall residences for the show and packed out our open air courtyard. The fact that we were also offering free food at the interval may have played a part in the big crowd!

With lights, cameras, sound systems, judges and the, at times, rowdy student crowd in place the festivities began with a bang. We had singing, guitars, rapping, dancing, comedy and sign language amongst our 10 acts.

As one of three Irish men in the audience I was blown away by the talent. An Irish talent show usually consists of an old man playing a tin whistle and some kids dancing a jig but this production was on a different level. We had a singer songwriter break our hearts with a touching rendition of Lean on Me, a Broadway performer who would put most recording artists to shame and a South Korean student who got the house jumping.

On top of that our lovely resident Northeastern University staff put themselves out there with a charming little ukulele-driven number. It was a risky move given it may have ended any semblance of respect they had among their students but, if anything, respect levels were increased after the epic performance!

The evening ended with prizes and congratulations for the performers. While I was expecting some humble thanks from the winning competitors upon receipt of their prizes, the speeches were surprisingly well prepared and long winded!! Nonetheless, a fantastic evening was had by all and the inaugural Craic Factor will be remembered for a long time to come.

Karl Dowling
Assistant Resident Director
FIE Ireland

image: Blackhall Residence