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Calling All London Students! Fall Photo Competition!

Interested in entering this year’s 2011 Fall Photo Contest?


There are 8 prizes on offer, first place prize and a runner up for EACH category!

1st Place: Tea in the House of Lords with Baroness Deech
2nd Place: £50 voucher of your choice!

Tea in the House of Lords is a once in a lifetime opportunity! The four first prize winning students will be invited to attend.


-You may enter a maximum of two photos per category
(in as many categories as you like)
-Take photographs on your digital camera that fit into the categories
-Select the best pictures from the ones taken
-Fill out the submission form
-Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) subject line: Photo Contest (Your Name)
-Attach the completed submission form
-Attach your photos!

The deadline is Thursday, November 17th
Winners will be announced on Friday, November 18th



Category 1: Diverse London: Celebrating Individuality & Multiculturalism
(Student Life)
London is a very multi-cultural and diverse city which embraces people of different races, cultures, beliefs, walks of life etc. Anybody can make London their home and be accepted by the city. The aim of this topic is to capture this amazing spectrum; to celebrate the individualism that London allows!

Category 2: Undiscovered London: Not Another Famous Landmark
(Student Life)

London is a tourist hot-spot with a multitude of famous landmarks and iconic buildings. The challenge of this topic is to unearth a hidden gem. London is vast and there is so much to see. Take a photo of something which you think is unusual or deserves more recognition and the photo should convince people to go check it out!

Category 3: A Snapshot of my Placement Experience

You should be the subject of the photo! This is a chance to capture a moment of your internship and to demonstrate what you can achieve and experience as an intern in London. We hope that a photo of you in your placement will not only provide us with insight into your cultural and professional experiences but also be a personal souvenir of one of the richest aspects of your life as a foreigner in London. Please have a colleague take the photo of you at work and remember that we want to see action shots.

Category 4: Capturing Britain at Work

How can Britain’s cultural differences in the work place be captured visually? How is the British workplace viewed through your eyes, coming from a different cultural background? We are eager to see your impressions of your own workplace or the professional work you observe in your surroundings. Going beyond the stereotypical differences (how ever pleasant the endless tea in the office is as a cultural behaviour), what strikes you about the professional or voluntary sector in London?

Hints to win
-Be creative! The more imaginative and individual your photo the better!
-Think about colour, light and angles to capture your best shots.
-If you are taking a photo of something we’ve seen before, try to show it in a different or unusual way.
-We appreciate irony, symbolism, juxtaposition and other things that make us think differently.
-Keep in mind that if you are taking photos of other people you will need to ask their permission! We will not be allowed to display photos with vulnerable subjects (e.g. children).

The function of this competition is to gain new photographs of students in London. These photos are for the purposes of FIE marketing, instructional and publicity materials. This competition is optional, so please enter with the understanding that your picture may be used in future online or printed publications. By electronically initialling the form attached, you are agreeing to allow us to use your photos in the future. For your privacy, neither your name, your university’s name nor the company name will be printed in connection with the photo(s).

Thanks for your entries and good luck!