Peace & Conflict Dates and Fees


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Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: 10 June – 15 July 2018

Arabic Language Option: 14 July – 11 August 2018


Fees for the Peace & Conflict Resolution Program and the Intensive Arabic Language option are available on our Program Fees page.


Please visit our What's Included page for a detailed list of what the program fee includes.


FIE scholarships for the Peace & Conflict Resolution program can be found on the FIE Scholarships page.




Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Amman
Summer 2018 Tentative Schedule: Summer 2018 Tentative Schedule:
  • Sunday, June 10: Arrive in Dublin
  • Monday, June 11: Classes Begin
    • Course: The Life Cycle of Peace and Conflict: Lessons Learned in Northern Ireland 
  • Various co-curricular activities including study excursions to Howth and Northern Ireland
  • Friday, June 22: Depart Dublin/Arrive in Amman
  • Sunday, June 24: Classes Begin
    • Course: Conflict Resolution and Management: Beyond the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Various co-curricular activities including Amman City Tour, Wadi Rum & Petra, and Biblical Jordan Tour
  • Thursday, July 12: Final day of the Peace & Conflict Program
  • Saturday, July 14: Peace & Conflict Only Students Depart Amman/Arrive in Dublin
  • Sunday, July 15: Depart Dublin
  • Saturday and Sunday, July 15 and 16: Orientation and first day of class for Intensive Arabic Program
  • Wednesday, August 8: Final exam 
  • Various co-curricular excursions including Northern Jordan excursion
  • Thursday, August 9: Reflection Day (Attendance Required)
  • Friday, August 10: Depart Amman/Arrive in Dublin
  • Saturday, August 11: Depart Dublin

Additional information on the Intensive Arabic Course in Amman including Academic Information and Course Descriptions can be found on the AMIDEAST website. 

At the end of the program, students are free to travel either back to their home country or to other locations. After the day indicated as the day students depart (typically following the final day of the program), students are responsible for all of their own transportation, housing, insurance, and other logistical arrangements. Students should note that after the departure day noted on the academic calendar, their program-provided insurance coverage will end and they must arrange for accommodations outside of AMIDEAST shared apartments, AMIDEAST host families, or the hotel in Dublin.


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Update On Jordan Safety


August 2017

As you likely know, the US Department of State issued a Travel Warning for Jordan on December 23, 2016. These warnings periodically come up for review and on Thursday, July 20, 2017 the US Department of State re-issued the country’s Travel Warning.

The Travel Warning notes that visitors to Jordan should consider the ongoing risks of travel in the country and outlines three security incidents that took place in the country during 2016. The message does not implement a departure status for US citizens or communicate advice that differs from previous security messages that have been issued by the US Embassy in Amman. The locations in Jordan that the Department of State recommends travelers avoid are already classified as prohibited locations for all AMIDEAST and FIE students under our joint Travel Policies. AMIDEAST continues to work with the US government as well as private security companies to maximize the health, safety, and security of our participants. 

Following the issuance of the initial Travel Warning, AMIDEAST partnered with the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Amman to provide an informative webinar on the state of operations for all US Department of State-sponsored exchange programs. The information we received does not indicate a change in the situation on the ground for American citizens, including AMIDEAST/FIE students. We encourage students, families, and institutions alike to watch this webinar presented in May by Tobias Bradford, who was Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Jordan and learn more about the situation in Jordan.

It’s important for me to clarify that I lived in Amman for most of the past 5 years. After a review of available information and internal discussions, we confirm our plans to continue with our regular programming in Amman. We will continue to monitor carefully the situation in Jordan as always, and will update you if we feel there is a need to alter our operational status.

Please feel free to reach out to AMIDEAST Education Abroad staff with any questions.


Elena D. Corbett, Ph.D.

Director of Education Abroad | AMIDEAST | Washington DC

2025 M Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC  20036

Phone: +1-202-776-9627 | Fax: +1-202-776-7027




Academic Resources

  NOTE: What academic resources should be included here - see the London and Dublin pages.



Study Tours & Excursions




Study tours and co-curricular experiences bring the theories and concepts learned in class to life. Included in the Peace & Conflict program are a variety of co-curricular experiences and study tours. The following is a list of study tours and co-curricular experiences from prior years. (Please note that logistical issues may cause experiences to be substituted or eliminated.)

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  • Three-day excursion to Northern Ireland
    • Derry
    • Belfast
    • Stormont Castle (Northern Ireland Assembly)
    • Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge
    • Giant's Causeway
  • Political walking tour of Dublin
  • Visiting historic city sites:
    • Leinster House (Irish Parliament)
    • Glasnevin Cemetery
    • Kilmainham Gaol 
  • Day trip to coastal town of Howth
  • Visit to the Israeli Embassy
  • Meeting with tribal chief 
  • Amman City tour
    • The Citadel
    • Roman Amphitheatre
  • Biblical Jordan tour
    • Madaba
    • Mount Nebo
    • The Dead Sea
  • Overnight excursion to the South
    • Wadi Rum desert
    • Ancient city of Petra

Learn more about Jordan and some of the Study Tours by visiting our article on


Arriving in Amman

  During the Peace & Conflict Resolution program, FIE is responsible for arranging student flights from Dublin to Amman. Upon arrival in Amman, a representative from AMIDEAST will be there to greet you at Queen Alia International Airport and provide transportation to your accommodation.