FIE Site Visits for Advisors

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FIE cordially invites study abroad advisors and other interested campus advising staff to see our FIE London and FIE Dublin programs in action!

Advisors from current and prospective partners who are interested in visiting our program sites are encouraged to participate in our FIE London and FIE Dublin site visits! 

Please fill out our Interest Form and read an in-depth description of the visit on each of the site visit pages.


Ever wonder what those first few days in Dublin are like? This is your opportunity to see and experience how FIE engages and orients our Dublin students for their semester in Ireland. You will not only get a first-hand look at an FIE Dublin orientation, but also the opportunity to meet our staff, tour our partners’ facilities and student residences, learn about FIE programs and initiatives, and experience a bit of Irish hospitality.  Read more on the Dublin Orientation Site Visits page.

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How does FIE manage to orient our London students so effectively and efficiently? Join us to experience one of our London student orientations first hand.  You’ll have the chance to see and experience exactly what your students do upon arrival for their program in London, as well as the opportunity to meet our staff, tour our faculty and student residences, learn about FIE programs and initiatives, and experience a bit of London’s world-famous culture, sights, and food.  Read more on the London Orientation Site Visits page.

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At FIE, we are proud of our Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East program that runs in the summer and works with leading peace and justice scholars in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Jordan. Students walk humbly along the different paths to peace as they dig into the often-sensitive cultural and societal roots of conflict. The program starts in Dublin, Ireland and explores the Anglo-Irish peace process. It includes a study tour to Northern Ireland, United Kingdom before moving to Amman, Jordan. Using the Irish peace process as a case study, students examine intractable conflicts in the Middle East but beyond the Israel-Palestine conflict to also examine larger inter-regional as well as inter-tribal conflicts. At the end of the core program students have the option to add intensive Arabic language classes to make it a summer-long program.

Visit FIE Dublin to experience how political and cultural resources are used to explore conflict development and transformation, the nature of political leadership in conflict, and the significance of “memory” in conflict. Read more on the FIE Peace and Conflict Summer Visit page.

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