H Curtis

Helen has had a lifelong commitment to the academic, vocational and voluntary aspects of sport, which has provided her with an invaluable background for studying the social significance of sport. He practical experience of the commercial and global development of the Olympic Games has been highlighted through voluntary roles, including being an Olympic volunteer during Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games and working on behalf of UK Sport, in which she coordinated with Non Governmental Organizations to promote sports leadership, health and education programs in Zambia, Africa. She is nearing the completion of her doctoral research which examines intersections of identities in the British media representation and consumption of the Olympic Games. She was also recently selected as the British representative to attend the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece. There she expanded my knowledge and gained a diploma in Olympic Studies. Such research and events keep her research interests and teaching at the forefront of socially significant sporting events, including London 2012 Olympic Games.

British Life and Sport, Work-based Learning