Born in the UK, Mark returned to the USA with his family in his youth, eventually studying International Business for his first Degree. After working in industry for several years Mark returned to the UK to undertake a teaching career.  After working in secondary education for over 10 years, Mark became a Sessional Lecturer in London Studies at the University of London, Birkbeck College.  Mark has a wide range of research interests as his MA involved political history and his current teaching is linked to geography.  His PhD examined the effects of transnationalism in London through an investigation of Ghanaian entrepreneurs along with the production and distribution of their products within a transnational space.  It mapped the transnational actor-networks of Ghanaian-owned businesses.  By invoking the notion of a transnational space, the dissertation demonstrated the links, interdependencies and ‘betweennesses’ that constitute the transnational in London.

Sociology, Work-based Learning, Cultural Studies, History, Education