InsuranceStudents (and parents) may have questions about travel insurance and medical coverage while abroad. Below, we explain our policy with Endsleigh, links to the most up to date documents, and how to make a claim. 

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FIE is an appointed representative of Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FIE students are covered by an Endsleigh Travel Insurance group policy, unless this coverage has been waived by your home institution. If you’re unsure whether your institution is covered, please check with your study abroad advisor. 

If you are covered by Endsleigh, you'll be able to view the Endsleigh Statement of Insurance and Policy Wording under the 'attached documents' section of your application homepage 3-4 weeks prior to arrival. Our most recent policies are listed on our website: 

You must read the Statement of Insurance and Group Policy carefully and save a copy to have with you with you at all times. After reading the policy, you may find that you need more comprehensive coverage. For example, you may have a pre-existing condition or want to take part in a sport not covered by Endsleigh. An insurance policy that you have back home may already cover instances such as these. If not, you may need to take out additional insurance and have a copy of this with you at all times too. See the ‘Not Covered by Endsleigh’ section below for further guidance.




Need to make a call? You are welcome to use the phone in our office at Foundation House on weekdays or a phone at Metrogate House on weeknights/weekends



All FIE students are required to be covered by some form of medical insurance, either through their home institution or through FIE’s Endsleigh group policy. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information on insurance issued by your home institution. Along with medical coverage, you should also ensure that you have appropriate coverage for other circumstances such as loss of personal possessions. Go Overseas have some helpful advice on travel insurance for study abroad students.