Photojournalism: London through the Lens

How can your experience with a culture be reflected in the way you capture it in a photograph?  How might you utilize images to narrate your experience during your stay in London?  How can developing an appreciation of photography parallel a greater understanding of London as a global city? This course is intended for students with an interest in the history, theory and practice of photography. It is designed to familiarize students with skills which combine photographic composition and camera operation, together with conceptual ideas, especially those of narrative photography.

Through the use of the lens, students will be encouraged to document their experience with London as a city.  Through classroom learning and field exploration students will be exposed to an educational experience which challenges them to capture their knowledge and experience with London’s history, architecture, and cultural diversity.  Students will learn to blend elements of photojournalism and aesthetic photography in order to challenge their creative abilities whilst creating a unique portfolio exhibiting their new found knowledge and understanding of London as a global city.  Central to the course is the exhibition of student work at the end of the term to showcase their journey from new arrivals to Londoners.



A camera is required for the course. Any camera is suitable – except a camera on your phone – however if students are able to access a camera with the following features, then this is recommended:


 Photojournalism: London through the Lens