London, England

One of the world’s great cultural and economic centers, London offers almost endless potential for study abroad.  As London specialists, FIE staff and faculty have been helping universities, colleges and hundreds of their students realize this potential each year since 1998 through programs of the highest quality.

Open Enrollment Programs

  • Semester and summer program options detailed in these pages are available to individual undergraduate students enrolled full-time in any university or college.
  • Academic instruction, student life co- and extra-curricular activities and support services are designed and delivered by FIE.
  • Students can request a transcript from FIE’s School of Record, Drexel University, if their own school cannot adopt FIE’s courses for credit.

Customized Partnership Programs

  • FIE works closely with partner institutions to develop programs in London tailored to the needs of each particular school.
  • Custom programs usually incorporate some aspects of the Open Enrollment Program and some unique features specific to the partner school.
  • For more details, visit our Partner with FIE pages.