Course Description

International Service Internship Course

FIE’s Service Internship program pathway is based on three key elements:


As in any cross-cultural experience, this is crucial. Preparation happens in two stages: orientation to the general environment, and specific exposure to the issues of working and living in the culture. These stages are covered by a general orientation to life in London upon arrival and one of four intensive Key Courses about an aspect of British life, which is undertaken before students enter their placement.

International Service Internship Course (ISIC)

The ISIC is comprised of:

  • Placement with a host organization that is working toward social goals and can support the learning objectives inherent in a service internship.
  • Classroom-based seminars that allow students the opportunity to build on their workplace experience through reflection, discussion and analysis. Seminars address topics such as dealing with expectations, the realities of service internship, global citizenship, social responsibility and intercultural sensitivity.