An international internship at FIE is a pre-professional, field-based experience coupled with academic analysis and reflection. It is an educational experience whose goals are to develop professional and cultural skills and provide personal and career awareness. It is an experience through which students can begin to apply classroom theory to practice.

An international internship provides an opportunity to experience working life in another country, and challenges pre-conceived notions of cultures and of the professional world.

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FIE’s Experiential Education Team evaluates a student’s CV, coursework and experience carefully to ensure an appropriate match is made between the student’s background and an organization’s needs. While every effort will be made to place students in their first choice internship area, FIE will use second and third internship choices as and when necessary.

The organizations with which FIE works are primarily small- and medium-sized organizations, not large corporations. These are the types of organizations that tend to be interested in providing short-term opportunities, and those that can benefit most from the unpaid assistance that the intern provides. In turn, by working with a small team it is possible for students to earn more responsibilities and opportunities within the workplace.

The tasks that students undertake are quite varied and can include: administrative support, data entry, research, letter and report writing, and project support. The exact tasks that an intern will be asked to perform are based on the needs of the organization at any given time as well as the skills and attitude of the student. The experience belongs to the student and their commitment to the work site will determine the outcome.

For students already in the process of enrolling in FIE programmes only.
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