Internship Placement Areas

London offers a vast resource for experience-based learning. The work environments available to FIE interns cater to almost every major and include the various business sectors, not-for-profit, political, public sector and creative organizations. Through FIE’s internship placements, students have the opportunity to build professional skills, increase industry knowledge and experience working in a different culture and in a major global city.

Complete placement area details, including the types of placements and realities of each industry, can be found here.



Accountancy & Finance

Businesses and organizations working in the financial and accountancy sector provide internships for students in areas such as investing, trading, financial regeneration, fundraising, accounts, and research. There are also companies in various other fields who are able to offer placements within their accounts or finance department. 

Business & Economics

Whilst interning in the business and economics fields, students may find themselves working within small and medium sized companies and assisting with various operational and planning aspects of the business. There are placements available in areas such as entrepreneurship, property management, human resources, and within business administration. 


Public relations, marketing, advertising and events planning comprise the communications industry in which interns will be able to work at either specialty firms, small businesses, or within a specific communications department of a company. 


Public and private schools, educational departments of companies and independent educational organizations can offer interns a valuable experience within the British education system, either in a hands-on capacity with children or within an office-based environment.

Environment and Sustainability

Internships are offered within organizations who promote sustainability and environmental issues through community action, awareness campaigns and research projects that can influence policy and practice. Interns may also have the opportunity to work with a commercial business with a sustainability focus.


There are numerous areas of fashion in which interns may able to work, including marketing, public relations, merchandising, business, sales and creative development. These placements may be with designer labels, high street retailers, independent boutiques, or PR firms who represent a range of clients.

Film & Television

Students working in the field of film and television may be involved with various stages of the process including talent management, research development, pre-production, production, post-production, education, marketing, and distribution. 

Historical & Cultural Organizations

Opportunities are available in a range of smaller organisations including cultural institutions, museums, and a wide range of community-based arts services. A placement within one of the specialised areas will provide an excellent way to gain insight into the cultural and historical sector in London.

Information Technology & Multimedia

For interns with appropriate skills, there are opportunities available to work in the IT and digital media industries. This may include working with management information systems, web and graphic design, computer programming, and new media.

Journalism & Media

In the journalism and media industry, interns may gain experience within print media, online journalism or industry trade publications. There are opportunities available at magazines, local newspapers, websites and publishing companies. Students with strong writing skills may be able to apply these as part of a communications or business role.   

Legal and Justice Organizations

Internships in this area include placements at small law firms, legal departments of businesses, prison support services, and non-profit organizations concerned with crime prevention, equality and justice.


Students wishing to work within the field of music may be placed at any number of organizations relating to the industry. These may include independent record labels, music venues, and non-profit organizations promoting music and talent management agencies. 


Political internships may present students the chance to work within political parties, campaign offices, not-for-profit political organizations, think tanks, and pressure groups. There are also a select number of placements working within a Member of Parliament’s constituency office, based in a Greater London borough.


In the field of psychology, interns with a strong relevant skillset may assist with research projects at universities or government-funded organizations. Community-based groups dealing with psychological issues such as mental health and child welfare also provide internship opportunities. 

Social Welfare & Non-Profit Organizations

Internships with a wide range of organizations and charities working for the collective good of society are available to students. Specialist areas include homelessness, women’s issues, poverty, substance abuse/addiction, disability, gay/lesbian advocacy, ethnic/racial/religious diversity, refugee support, human rights and equality, conflict resolution, youth issues, and community regeneration.

Theatre & Performing Arts

In the field of performing arts, interns can work within independent and fringe theatres, theatre production companies, and community-based organizations. Roles may include arts administration, box office and publicity, backstage work, fundraising, and education. For students with relevant and specialized skills, there may be opportunities for interns to work within a specific creative capacity.