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Foundation House

Programs in London are centered at FIE’s Foundation House study center, located opposite the Gloucester Road underground station in Kensington.  One of London’s most attractive and desirable locations, Kensington provides a beautiful, historic living and learning environment for students.  As FIE’s hub of operations, Foundation House contains:

  • Nine classrooms with wireless internet access, laptops, data projection, DVD/VHS combi players.
  • Faculty office for FIE and visiting faculty.
  • FIE offices for adminstrative and academic staff.
  • A Student Common Room with upcoming event information, a range of daily newspapers and weekly journals, and easy access to the adjacent Student Life Office.

Teaching Space Outside of Foundation House Study Centre

In fall semesters FIE uses a small percentage of classroom teaching space outside of Foundation House. These outsourced teaching spaces are of an appropriate high teaching standard and are typically located at hotel conference facilities and at universities and colleges in the local area and within zone one.

Foundation House Exterior

Visiting Faculty Offices



Foundation House Classrooms

Ellen Terry Room: 25 students

Vivienne Westwood Room: 25 students

Virginia Woolf Room: 45 students

Alfred Hitchcock Room: 25 students

Oscar Wilde Meeting Room: 15 students

T. S. Eliot Room: 21 students

Beatrix Potter Room: 25 students

(We’re sorry, no image of this room is available)

Freddie Mercury Room: 35 students

(We’re sorry, no image of this room is available)