Service Internship Placement Areas

FIE works with a range of organizations that are working toward goals associated with achieving public good. These organizations will have as their mission (stated or implied) one of the following: to effect, inform, support or facilitate social or environmental change; to manage, protect or develop social, cultural or environmental resources; to promote social justice, cultural diversity or social awareness; to achieve positive impact in the local, national or global community, either directly or indirectly. Appropriate sites will include both public and private agencies, community groups, registered charities, social enterprise and other non-profit organizations.

FIE works with organizations focusing on the following areas:

Community Regeneration

Organizations dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurship, educating and policing communities, as well as training and developing businesses in need of economic and financial regeneration.

Disability Rights and Issues

Disability charities ranging from those whose primary task is raising awareness through events and fundraising, to those providing a more direct care role helping to improve the quality of life and independence of disabled individuals, to research institutions investigating the outcomes of disability.


Public and private schools, educational departments of companies and independent educational organizations that aim to provide equal opportunities in education for people of all ages.

Environmental and Sustainability Issues

Organizations promoting sustainability and environmental awareness through community action, awareness campaigns and research/projects that influence policy and practice from the local to the global.

Ethnic, Racial and Religious Diversity Issues

Community groups that promote understanding and tolerance among people of different backgrounds, faiths and cultures through social activities, community action and fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Gay and Lesbian Issues

Not-for-profit groups offering information or help lines that provide advocacy, advice and counseling, as well as organizations who promote awareness, sexual health and equality in the community.

Heritage/Arts organizations

A variety of London museums, theaters and galleries that tackle contemporary issues and social history through performing arts, events and exhibitions.


Not-for-profit agencies who provide help for the homeless through accommodation, information centers, and outreach programs, with emphasis on at-risk populations such as domestic violence victims, under 21’s and those suffering from mental illness.

Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

Organizations concerned with justice and equality for all, providing legal advice, peace awareness and mediation.

Mental Health

Charities dedicated to promoting understanding and raising funds for mental health, as well as established help lines and centers providing information for those suffering from any degree of mental illness.


Charities and organizations targeting the effects of poverty and humanitarian concerns in the UK and internationally.

Prisoner Welfare and Crime Reduction

Not-for-profit groups promoting social welfare for prisoners and their families, as well as governmental councils and independent groups providing research and community awareness in crime reduction.

Refugee Issues

Charities focusing on both national and international refugee issues, from providing advice and support to implementing community projects.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Organizations and drop-in centers established to provide confidential advice, support and counseling to those affected by drugs and alcohol.

Women’s Issues

Community groups dedicated to empowering women by promoting women’s status in the community as well as committing to such causes as domestic violence, homelessness and family planning.

Youth and Children’s Issues

Charities and research institutions focusing on children’s rights, educational needs, health and welfare, and covering issues such as homelessness, adoption, disability, domestic violence, poverty and legal matters.