Irish Culture and Society

This course is designed to offer students an overview of the contemporary cultural landscape in Ireland. Its main objective is to critically examine current Irish cultural and societal preoccupations and to emphasize the relationship between culture, media and the formation of national identity. The primary objective is to provide students with a clearer understanding of the influences that have shaped and formed a dominant socio-cultural system in today’s Ireland.

This course is composed of 3 modules:

  • Irish Culture & Society
  • Economics
  • Peace & Conflict Resolution

One of the key areas the course will address is Ireland’s status as a post-colonial nation. A major outcome is an understanding of social and cultural geographies, including decolonization and the construction of identity, division and conflict, effects of globalization and the incorporation of multiple identities within present day Ireland. With the Peace Process in Ireland as a case study, the course will provide perspectives on Mediating, Interpersonal & Intergroup Conflicts for a Sustainable Peace.