Food, Society, and Culture in Britain: From Traditional Tastes to Contemporary Concerns WITH OPTIONAL STUDY TOUR

Bangers and mash?  Bubble and squeak? What is British cuisine and how has it changed from wartime to the present?  Have negative stereotypes of British cuisine been replaced by a new food culture of focused on celebrity chefs, ethical choices and a new-found ‘best of British’ pride?  Or, do fast-rising rates of obesity, childhood diabetes and dependency on supermarkets and ready meals tell a different story?

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, this course examines the critical issues in food today and the interconnectedness of food, culture, and society in modern Britain.  The rich and multicultural heritage of London provides a multitude of opportunities to explore the issues herein and use our senses to taste, smell and see the food cultures of this dynamic city.



  • Regional food tasting
  • Imperial War Museum - Ministry of Food Exhibit
  • Guided and self-guided tours of London outdoor markets, food halls and supermarkets
  • Indian cuisine tour and tasting

*Please note: A lab fee of £90 (covers tastings and samples of relevant food and drink) is required for this course 



Students registered for this course will have priority access to book a place on the tour.

"Food and Drink in the Garden of England"

The Kent countryside provides a welcome escape from the frantic pace of London. With this idyllic backdrop, we will spend a leisurely morning focused on the history and process of winemaking, its connection to the soil and how food and drink practices shape culture and community. We will conclude our morning by participating in a tutored tasting of the wide range of wines produced at this award-wining home of English wine.

Following the wine tasting, we will enjoy a three-course Modern British meal, expertly prepared from local produce in an elegant setting at the Swan Wine Kitchen restaurant. In the afternoon, we’ll transfer over to the next town to visit the Old Dairy Brewery for a tour and tasting. Relatively young yet steeped in the tradition of English brewing history, we will learn about the business of modern brewing, techniques and the sourcing of ingredients. Finally, we will have time to explore the rural town of Tenterden, with a High Street featuring historic houses, shops and pubs, which will work to frame the close relationship between food, drink, culture and community in rural England. Learn more on our London Study Tours page. 




Food, Society, and Culture in Britain