Page to Stage

FIE Theatre Workshop A4 Poster Fall 2018Drawing on Britain’s rich performing arts history, this creative workshop series will explore the creative process from concept to performance in five lunchtime sessions, culminating in an informal rehearsed workshop performance to an invited audience.

Guided by professional writers, actors, and directors, students will be able to explore and develop their own innovative creative process as a storyteller. Students will explore relevant social issues and consider the role of an artist as inherently political as they interpret, devise, and perform their own piece of performance art.

Time: 12-2 pm, Mondays October 29 - November 26

Location: Foundation House, Virginia Woolf

Cost: £10

Interested?: Sign up on the FIE Activities Calendar (space is limited!)

Although open to all students with or without ‘creative experience’, participation may benefit students taking the following courses particularly:

Workshop Leaders:

PtoS group shotFrom our previous participants:

“Page to Stage was a great experience. I was grateful to have an opportunity to combine both of my passions, writing and acting. This workshop is a really unique way to meet other students and learn about the artistic aspect of British culture. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to simply write and act for the love of it.”

“The instructors were very helpful, encouraging, open to any ideas we had, and helped make the sessions very relaxed and comfortable. Apart from the acting and writing, I enjoyed the beginning relaxing exercises as much as anything. Being abroad students and traveling a lot, we simply don't really ever stop to just relax like that.” 

“Page to Stage Workshop pushed me to do something I had never done before and got me out of my comfort zone while still being in a really accepting and relaxed setting. It gave me a much better idea of the background work that needs to be done when creating a character and how a monologue should be executed. The instructors were supportive and open to any ideas we the students had. We could really create our performance into anything we wanted. A completely positive experience.” 

“The Page to Stage Workshop Series was one of my favorite parts of the semester. It is rare that you are given an opportunity to create whatever you want, make a mess out of it, and have instructors help you with that mess. This experience was incredibly helpful in my journey of writing and performing because I learned new skills and gained confidence in my work.”

"Page to Stage challenged me to be creative and helped me improve as an actor and writer. And I had a lot of fun in the process."


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