Meet the Brits

FIE offers a variety of opportunities for students studying at our London center to interact with British people and culture.  We encourage all students to take advantage of these options, and remind students that their study abroad experience is what they make of it – it is up to them to be proactive!

Imperial College Student Union Membership

All students are given temporary membership of the Imperial College Student Union. This provides them with the opportunity to take advantage of numerous clubs and societies, and to participate in an array of activities on offer at one of Britain’s largest and most established universities.  This is a wonderful way for students to meet British and other international students.

Imperial College lists more than 300 active clubs and societies in the following categories: Sports, Social, Recreational, Arts and Entertainment, Academic and Overseas. FIE students can participate in anything from club sports to language clubs to musical performance groups.  Imperial hosts a variety of social events like pub quiz nights, free concerts and community forums, all of which are open to FIE students.  In addition, membership gives access to Imperial’s various student bars, cafés and restaurants. 

Please note that since Imperial College is mostly closed during the summer months, summer programs do not include Union Memberships.

International Students House

This exciting membership with the International Students House (ISH) provides students with another opportunity to engage in student activities in London.  There is something for everyone at ISH, from sports, music, and travel clubs to karaoke. Various ISH events are posted on the dedicated notice board in Foundation House and students are encouraged to register for the ISH newsletter at to ensure they don’t miss out on everything ISH has to offer during their program in London.

Please note that ISH memberships are not included for programs shorter than four weeks in duration.


HOST is a voluntary UK organization that aims to help international students make the most of their time in the UK by bringing them together with friendly British families. Students are welcomed into British homes for a short visit, typically for a weekend, and are given an excellent insight into real British family life.  While some families are located in London, many are located in the surrounding towns and countryside, offering students a valuable glimpse into life outside metropolitan London.

FIE encourages students to participate in the HOST program while studying in London. The Student Life Office accepts HOST applications and works with students to bring this experience to fruition.  Students can participate in one or multiple host family stays during their time with FIE.

Please note, only students on a full semester programme can apply for this programme. There is an administration fee, which is subsidised by FIE. Students must sign up through the Extra Curricular Calendar.

Volunteer Opportunities

FIE encourages and supports those visiting students who wish to carry out volunteering activities in the wider community.  London has many opportunities for committed individuals wishing to contribute to society through volunteering their skills and time. Download the Volunteer Guide to the right for detailed information about volunteer opportunities.

In the past students have volunteered regularly or for single volunteer sessions in clerical work, as stewards at charity races and a variety of other activities. One student even volunteered at the headquarters of HOST UK for the ultimate immersion experience!

Please note that in order to participate in any volunteer activities, you must enter the UK on a Tier 4 Student Visa. Student Visitors are not entitled to undertake any form of paid or unpaid work during their studies.