Internship and Service Internship Placement Preparation

For students already in the process of enrolling in FIE programmes only.
Visit our Admissions page to apply to attend an FIE program.

If you are currently in the process of completing your online FIE application for your program in London, you will need to select and indicate three placement choices as well as complete and submit your CV and Personal Statement. If you have any questions about the process, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

STEP 1: Select Three Internship Placement Choices
STEP 2: Read Your Handbook
STEP 3: Write your CV and Personal Statement
STEP 4: Additional Requirements for Certain Internship Choices
STEP 5: Submit your CV and Personal Statement

STEP 1: Select Three Internship Placement Choices

To be completed on the online FIE Application

Your placement choices should be selected directly from the INTERNSHIP AREAS DOCUMENT or SERVICE INTERNSHIP AREAS information.

These three choices should relate to your major, previous work experience, career goals, and interests. Your list of choices will be used to allocate and arrange your London placement. 

STEP 2: Read Your Handbook

Make sure you have read the INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK which outlines the conditions of your placement and what is expected of you. You are responsible for being aware of all the information included in this document. If you have selected a Service Internship, please also read the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR SERVICE INTERNSHIPS

STEP 3: Write and submit your CV and Personal Statement

Follow the detailed writing and formatting guidelines found in the INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK (Pages 9-15). Remember to proofread all of your materials carefully for spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. 

Please note that we can only accept CVs and Personal Statements in Word Document format. Other formats, such as PDFs, are not accepted. You should not copy/paste your CV into the box provided in the online system. Instead, attach the files where indicated.

CV (Curriculum Vitae)
A CV is the UK term for a résumé, which should be current and formatted to UK industry standards, as indicated in the FIE Handbook.  This document goes out to prospective internship placements, so make sure it looks organized and professional. 

Personal Statement
A Personal Statement is a one-page essay about what draws you to London for your internship experience and how it will contribute to your academic and professional goals.  It is also an opportunity for you to sell yourself more individually to prospective placements.  Make sure that the tone is professional, as it will be read by London employers. 

STEP 4: Additional Requirements for Certain Internship Choices

All Service Internships Students and Internship Students Requesting Education, Psychology, Social Welfare, Charities or Arts Non-Profits
Police Check
The UK government requires that all people working with an ‘at risk’ population must have a background check, and this includes interns. All Service Internship students and internship students requesting education, psychology, not-for-profit or legal and justice organisations as any of their three choices are required to bring a Police Check with them to London. A police check (or background check, as it is sometimes called) is a document stating the criminal convictions or the absence thereof, of an individual. In order to obtain a police check you have TWO options, please see the descriptions below.

Option 1: State/Local Police Check
A state or local police check can be obtained from your town or university police or sheriff’s department. What you can obtain here is an official letter or document from your state police department verifying that you have no criminal record within your own city or state. There is usually a small processing charge for this check that varies by your area.

Option 2: FBI Criminal Background Check
The FBI offers a Criminal Background Check that has the ability to highlight charges across any state, making it a more secure and inclusive document. The check costs $18 to run and their typical processing time is 22 calendar days. You can file the application either directly through the FBI, or through an FBI Approved Channeler. All the information you will need about this process can be found at the following link: Please note that in order to process this check, you will also be required to submit a fingerprints form, instructions on how to do this can also be found at the above link.

It may take several weeks to get either of these checks, so make sure you start the process well in advance of your arrival as you will need to bring it physically with you to London.

Political Paragraph
If you listed politics as any of your three choices, we need you to write a short political paragraph (also as an attachment) stating with which party in British politics you identify most closely and why.  Please also indicate what political issues or policy areas you have a particular interest in. This should be upladed to your online FIE Application in Word Document format.

Writing Samples
Journalism students should also upload writing sample(s).  This should be an article or two (it can be one you have already written) that best represents your work and interests.

Creative Arts, Fashion Design, or Graphic Design
For those of you wishing to intern within applied creative arts, fashion design or graphic design, please include examples of your work to us that we can send on to potential placement sites. You can either provide a link to your online portfolio or upload digital photos or other electronic files.