Internship and Service Internship Placement Preparation

For students already in the process of enrolling in FIE programmes only.
Visit our Admissions page to apply to attend an FIE program.

If you are currently in the process of completing your FIE Administration Form for your semester in London, you will need to select and indicate three placement choices as well as complete and submit your CV and Personal Statement. If you have any questions about the process, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

STEP 1: Select Three Internship Placement Choices
STEP 2: Read Your Handbook
STEP 3: Write your CV and Personal Statement
STEP 4: Additional Requirements for Certain Internship Choices
STEP 5: Submit your CV and Personal Statement

STEP 1: Select Three Internship Placement Choices

To be completed on the FIE Administration Form

Your placement choices should be selected directly from the INTERNSHIP AREAS DOCUMENT or SERVICE INTERNSHIP AREAS information.

These three choices should relate to your major, previous work experience, career goals, and interests. Your list of choices will be used to allocate and arrange your London placement. 

STEP 2: Read Your Handbook

Make sure you have read the INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK which outlines the conditions of your placement and what is expected of you. You are responsible for being aware of all the information included in this document. If you have selected a Service Internship, please also read the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR SERVICE INTERNSHIPS

STEP 3: Write your CV and Personal Statement

Follow the detailed writing and formatting guidelines found in the INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK (Pages 9-15). Remember to proofread all of your materials carefully for spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. 

CV (Curriculum Vitae)
A CV is the UK term for a résumé, which should be current and formatted to UK industry standards, as indicated in the FIE Handbook.  This document goes out to prospective internship placements, so make sure it looks organized and professional. 

Personal Statement
A Personal Statement is a one-page essay about what draws you to London for your internship experience.  It is also an opportunity for you to sell yourself more individually to prospective placements.  Make sure that the tone is professional, as it will be read by London employers. 

STEP 4: Additional Requirements for Certain Internship Choices

All Service Internships Students and Internship Students Requesting Education, Psychology, Social Welfare, Charities or Arts Non-Profits
Police Check
If your requested internship area might involve work with sensitive information, children, or people “at risk” (such as people with disabilities, refugees, the homeless, etc.) you will need to get a valid police check before your arrival in London.

A police check (or background check, as it is sometimes called) is a document stating the criminal convictions or the absence thereof, of an individual. This can be obtained from your local police station, sheriff’s office, or campus police. Police checks vary in each state and county, so it is best for you to contact your nearest police station to find out their requirements to obtain a criminal record check.

In many cases, you will need to bring a proof of ID (such as a passport or driver’s license with a proof of address) and often they will issue the document to you right then and there. Otherwise, they will mail the police check to you once it is complete.

Police stations often require applicants to:
1)   Fill out a form requesting the check
2)   Indicate the reason for the police check. You should write: “International non-profit organisation requesting background check for the purposes of an internship working with children/vulnerable groups”
3)   Submit fingerprints
4)   Pay a fee

Please make sure you begin the police check process early; it could take several weeks to complete the process of making an appointment, being fingerprinted, and obtaining the background check.

The check must be completed before you leave for London as you are required to bring it with you to the UK. It is normally not possible to complete the check once you are here. Also, you do not need to mail the document to FIE, simply bring the original document with you.

Political Paragraph
If you listed politics as any of your three choices, we need you to email a short political paragraph (also as an attachment) stating with which party in British politics you identify most closely and why.  Please also indicate what political issues or policy areas you have a particular interest in. 

Writing Samples
Journalism students should also email writing sample(s).  This should be an article or two (it can be one you have already written) that best represents your work and interests.

Creative Arts, Fashion Design, or Graphic Design
For those of you wishing to intern within applied creative arts, fashion design or graphic design, please email examples of your work (digital photos or other electronic files) to us that we can send on to potential placement sites. 

STEP 5: Submit your CV and Personal Statement

Submit a current version of your CV and Personal Statement as well as any additional documents electronically directly to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) as Microsoft Word document attachments together in ONE email.

Label your electronic documents as follows:

SUBJECT LINE of your email: 
Name of university, semester: Last name, first name – CV and PS
(Example: Stateside College, Fall 2012: Smith, Jane – CV and PS)

CV Document Name:
Name of university_ Lastname Firstname_CV
(Example: Stateside College_Smith Jane_CV)

Personal Statement Document Name:
Name of university_Lastname Firstname_PS
(Example: Stateside College_Smith Jane_PS)