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FIE understands the importance of keeping families and institutions informed before, during, and after their students study abroad. We are committed to providing transparent information about our protocols and risk management that is easy to understand to ensure our lines of communication are always open. Additionally, FIE staff is always available to answer questions. You can have confidence in FIE and our partners that we are active in providing a safe and educational environment for your student. 





 Foundation House:

+44 (0)207 591 7750

114 Cromwell Road

London SW7 4ES


Metrogate Front Desk Reception:
+44 (0)20 7808 0130

24-hour emergency number:

+44 (0)20 7808 0131

+44 (0)20 7589 0728

Contact information for student residences can be found on their respective pages by clicking here:

 FIE Dublin Office and 24-hour emergency number:

+ 353 1 679 8171

Contact information for student residences can be found on their respective pages by clicking here.

 Both FIE and AMIDEAST have extensive emergency response plans to which we will adhere in the unlikely event of a city- or country-wide emergency. Specific information will be provided to you and your student during pre-departure.


24-hour emergency number:



AMIDEAST Health & Safety Procedures


FIE is committed to a prompt and efficient response to any incident that would impact the operation of a program. The Emergency Incident Response Plan is carefully reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Emergency Incident Review Group (EIRG). EIRG consists of senior managers and department heads and it convenes at least once a year. EIRG is also centrally responsible for communication strategy following a Major Critical Incident (MCI).

Additionally, from time to time, a student may fall ill while abroad. FIE staff in all of our locations are equipped to assist students in receiving the appropriate care. 

Please review FIE's Emergency Response Plans and illness protocols on our Health and Safety Abroad page.


FIE students are eligible for a variety of different health insurance options while they are abroad, depending on their home institution and program location. Please see the following Health and Safety page under the student section outlining International Health Insurance, with additional information about Mental Health Provision while abroad and our Disability Policy


Families may have lots of questions about visas, cell (mobile) phones, and FIE policies and procedures. These requirements are different depending on which FIE program your student is enrolled in and location your student is going to. Please see the Before You Go page under the student section, with different pre-departure information for LondonDublin, and Amman


FIE students keep track of their courses and assignments, have attendance taken by lecturers, and follow FIE news via MyStudy@FIE, FIE's academic platformProfessors may post class notes or a syllabus, share relevant movie or news clips, and announcements on MyStudy. Students are also encouraged to visit the Virtual Student Lounge for academic resources and updates on FIE events and activities. 

Access MyStudy@FIE





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