Are you involved or interested in Fraternity or Sorority Life? Then FIE has a program specifically designed for you! GreekConnect is a weekend of activities, as part of the FIE semester program in London, that will help to expand your understanding of Greek Life. You will have the opportunity to explore the roots of the modern Greek community on US college campuses with interactive discussions and tours.



  • Discussion on the ancient Greek foundations of Fraternity & Sorority Life, followed by a facilitated tour of the British Museum ancient Greece exhibit and a group dinner

  • A group lunch at The Freemason's Arms, followed by a guided tour of the United Grand [Masonic] Lodge of England to explore the ritualistic foundations of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

  • A day-long facilitated visit to Oxford to experience the Collegiate Residential Learning Community of Oxford University

The total fee for participation is £35, which includes all meals, entrances, transportation and guides. You can pay online around a month prior to your program start date - if you have already expressed an interest in the Greek Connect Program, you will receive an email when the payment goes live.

For more information about the program or if you have any queries, please contact James Cameron-Cooper, Director of Student Life at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GreekConnect FAQ

Do I have to be in a fraternity or sorority?
Not at all! We have non-fraternity/sorority affiliated students who participate in GreekConnect every semester.

Does GreekConnect operate in the summer?
Due to scheduling and student arrival and departure dates, unfortunately, GreekConnect is only available during the spring and fall terms. 

I’m on a quarter program. Can I still participate?
If you’re in London during the spring or fall there’s a great chance the dates of the GreekConnect activities will line up with your stay. Email us to confirm. 

How do I enroll?
You can express your interest in GreekConnect when you complete your initial online paperwork for FIE. Before you arrive in London, you’ll receive more information and payment details.

What if I didn’t initially express interest but I would now like to participate?
We’d still love for you to get involved - email us to check availability. 

Is this a class? Is there homework to do?
There is no homework, you will not be graded and no attendance is taken. 

I have special dietary needs. Will they be accommodated during the meals?
During the British Museum Dinner and Masonic Lodge Lunch, you choose off the restaurant menus as if you were dining at those restaurants on your own. 

If you have any additional questions, contact James Cameron-Cooper, Director of Student Life at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Listed below is a selection of places of worship in London. If your religion is not represented, talk to a Student Life Team member for assistance.


Bethesda Baptist Church
Kensington Pl W8 020 7221 7039
Tube: Notting Hill Gate. Church
shown on map in Tube station.


Buddhapadipa Temple
14 Calonne Road, London SW9
0208 946 1357
Tube: Wimbledon Park



The Church of the Immaculate
Conception Farm Street
114 Mount Street, London, W1K
020 7493 7811
Tube: Marble Arch/Bond Street


The American Church in London
Tottenham Court Road
London W1T. 020 7580 2791
Tube: Goodge Street



Second Church
Palace Gardens Terrace
London W8. 020 7229 2682
Tube: Notting Hill Gate



Holy Trinity
Brompton Cottage Place
(off Brompton Rd). 020 7581 8255
Tube: South Kensington



64-68 Exhibition Road, SW7 2PA
Tube: South Kensington



All Souls Church
Langham Place
2 All Souls Place
London W1 020 7580 3522
Tube: Oxford Circus



BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
105-119 Brentfield Road, Neasden,
NW10 8LD
020 8965 2651
Tube: Neadson or Stonebridge Park


London Central Mosque
146 Park Road NW8
020 7724 3363
Tube: Baker Street


Union of Jewish Students
Endsleigh Street
London WC1H. 
020 7387 4644
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tube: Russell Square



Westminster Synagogue
Kent House, Rutland Gardens
London SW7
020 7584 3953
Tube:  Knightsbridge


West London Synagogue
33 Seymour Place
London W1H 5AU 
020 7723 4404
Tube: Marble Arch



Chelsea Synagogue
Smith Terrace, London SW3
020 7352 6046
Tube: South Kensington or Sloane Square



Chelsea Methodist Church
155a Kings Road. 020 7352 9305
Tube: Royal Oak



The London Oratory
Brompton Road, SW7 2RP
Our Lady of Victories
16 Abingdon Rd W8. 
Tube: South Kensington


Metrogate Study Area 1








The main FIE study area is located in Metrogate House, one of FIE’s residences. This facility recently underwent a large refurbishment to make it more student friendly by dividing the space into a quiet study area and a student lounge. The quiet area workspace is equipped with 11 PCs, one black and white printer, and one color printer. The student lounge is a more laid back space for either individual or group study with sofas, desks and chairs, as well as laptop desks. Here you can also find two PCs and a dedicated printer without the need to go into the quiet area.  


The specifications of the facility are as follows:

  • 13 all-in-one Dell PCs with Windows 10 operating system
  • 3 LaserJet printers, students print for free 
  • Scanner
  • Software consisting of the full range of MS Office software applications, Acrobat Reader, and VLC
  • Wired and Wireless Internet connection 



All FIE buildings are equipped with a 24-hour wireless Internet connection. Students and faculty may access the wireless system in any of these buildings using their laptops. The wireless system is connected to fiber optic cables that provide each of our sites with 100Mbps speed for upload and 100Mbps for download.

Most laptops now have wireless capability which is required for wireless Internet access. Students must also ensure that they have an up-to-date operating system and that they have installed anti-virus software on their laptop.

FIE will not be responsible for fixing, buying, replacing or providing hardware or software for students’ laptops.

All cable and wireless network use should comply with FIE rules and policies, as well as both UK and US Internet and software usage regulations. FIE’s networks are for educational use and purposes only. Some activities are strictly prohibited, this includes:

  • Unauthorized downloading of programs and files
  • Illegal file sharing
  • Accessing pornographic sites
  • Interfering with hardware equipment 



FIE provides IT support for the main cable and wireless networks every day of the week from 9 am—10 pm, including weekends and holidays. Faculty and students can receive advice on their personal devices from 9 am—5 pm from Monday to Friday on business days. This is only limited to general IT advice and does not include fixing any software or hardware problems, however, we can advise you where to go for help. 


LIBRARY ACCESSFIE Image Library Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre 30


Students can register at these public libraries and use their wide variety of resources. You can register online and once registered, you'll have access to all libraries in the borough.


The Birkbeck College Library offers extensive academic resources, including books, journals, a reference section, electronic resources, videos and DVDs, photocopying and computers. Study spaces are also available. Students wishing to use this resource can be reimbursed by FIE, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 



If you require a specialist library, information is available on MyStudy@FIE.



FIE is proud to be a member of Learning On Screen (http://bufvc.ac.uk/), a service of the British Universities and Colleges Film and Video Council. Learning on Screen offers BoB (http://bufvc.ac.uk/tvandradio/bob), an on-demand media streaming service which provides convenient access to millions of television and radio programs.

Through BoB, all students at FIE in London have access to 2 million broadcasts dating back to the 1990s, including a permanent archive of content from nine channels: BBC1 London / BBC2 / BBC4 / ITV London / Channel 4 / More4 / Channel 5 / BBC Radio 4 / BBC Radio 4 Extra. Incoming students' accounts are automatically created for them upon arrival in London. BoB is available on all devices.


This online database of academic journals, images, letters, and other primary resources is useful for research papers. Students are able to access JSTOR from Foundation House or any of the FIE Residence Halls through FIE's subscription.



The Prepare for Success website is an interactive web learning tool for international students who are getting ready to come to the UK for study. It contains learning resources which are activity-based to help you find out about different aspects of academic life in the UK and the skills needed for effective study.
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