FIE’s Articulated Values include a commitment to the environment via active engagement with environmental impact and addressing issues of sustainability and applying initiatives. You can read FIE’s full Mission for Sustainability here. After a very successful semester, we are proud to announce the FIE Fall 2018 Sustainability Winners!

Student Switch Off (SSO)

One of the ways in which active engagement with environmental impact was embedded into the student experience during the Fall semester was via the Student Switch Off Competition.

We are delighted to congratulate students and staff who are living and working in Hyde Park Gate residence who won the Fall 2018 Student Switch Off energy-saving competition. Students and staff in Hyde Park Gate will celebrate in style at a Student Switch Off Ben & Jerry’s giveaway event on Thursday 15 December 2018.

Across all participating residences, there was an average reduction in electricity consumption of 21% compared to the usage in the baseline period and average of 4 tonnes of CO2 saved.

We had 110 students take the SSO Climate Change Quiz. The majority of the entries came from Hyde Park Gate, and students and staff living in said residence celebrated with a pizza giveaway event on Monday 29 October 2018.

Throughout the semester, we also had 25 energy saving themed photos taken during halls visits – these photos gained 132 reactions, 473 engagements and had a reach of over 1300 on Facebook.

Small energy saving actions combined to make a real difference in the fight against climate change – Well done all!

SSO Student Collage


Sustainability Reflection Papers

Another way in which sustainability was integrated into the student experience and embedded into the curriculum was via the Sustainability reflection papers, which many students completed as part of their British Life Key Courses. Each semester, the relevant faculty members submit their best paper for review by FIE’s Academic Team and papers are chosen for recognition. This Fall 2018 semester the Academic Team awarded two winners:

  • Georgia Lam Upper-division (semester)“a well-researched case study of Whitechapel and the unfolding impact of gentrification on this diverse neighbourhood”
  • Jamie Swiggett Lower- division (first year) - “interesting and reflective paper discussing the Re-Imagining Sustainability Film and neighbourhood walk in Stratford thoughtfully and intelligently”

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StAG Champion Award Recipients

FIE would also like to announce the following StAG Champions! This honour has been put in place to recognize FIE students, faculty, staff, or institutions that make an excellent contribution to FIE’s sustainable development initiatives in a given semester.

The Fall 2018 StAG Champion Awards Recipients are:

FIE Staff:

  • Jessica Burbury: for her continued dedication in reducing food waste through:
  • - Launching and leading on the ‘Help yourself’ Community food initiative
  • - Organizing charity potluck events, in particular the food-waste based potluck  in April 2018
  • - Constantly being vigilant and aware of ways to reduce food waste at work and in her personal life.

Team, FIE Staff:

  • IT & Communications team: for always being exemplary in their commitment towards sustainability and always being on board with new initiatives and helping FIE achieve new value-led goals and initiatives via IT, technology, web, social media and various platforms. Examples of their commitment and innovation include, but are not limited to,
  • - Promoting sustainability initiatives on web, social media and newsletters (StAG, SSO, events, reminders)
  • - Creating paper-less communication tools (ex. Annual summary)
  • - Commitment towards sustainability branding (ex. Sustainability logs, SGLC, SDGs
  • - Marketing material printed on FSC-certified paper, consisting of at least 10% post-consumer material
  • - Involvement in renovating the study area with less computers
  • - Faster internet and better IT equipment
  • - Better IT platforms leading to a substantial decrease in paper-use


  • Zachary Kennedy (CSBSJU): for being an exemplary Fall 2018 Student Switch Off (SSO) Student Lead, an integral part of the SSO team and a delight to work with. Whether during residence visits, helping in running events (Student Witch Off), or in team meetings, Zach’s enthusiasm and passion for sustainability shone through.
  •  He also event planned and managed a meat-free awareness night (in line with our Sustainability and Meat-free Monday efforts), with the aim of increasing awareness about the impact eating meat has on the environment, and encourage the FIE community to help slow climate change by having at least one meat free day a week. For the event, Zach screened the ‘Cowspiracy documentary’, prepared meat-free food with Julie, and engaged students via group trivia, meat-free recipes sheets and a post-screening conversation about what students took out of the awareness evening.


Staff StAG Champions Fall 2018  zach kennedy cowspiracy event e1543229154106 

StAG reviewed the award prize, and agreed on honoring our StAG Champions with an award letter, recognition on our StAG Champions plaque at Foundation House, and a worldwide travel adapter with the message ‘Travel with Care – Switch Off’, a powerful message that evokes our mission in asserting that sustainability and energy-saving starts with us as global citizens.

StAG Logo


Please join us in congratulating all of the above winners while thanking you all for the commitment to the environment and FIE’s sustainable development initiatives that you demonstrated throughout the semester.

We hope that you keep embracing the knowledge and positive habits you have developed and take them forward!

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