FIE is very excited to announce that we will be carbon offsetting all roundtrip student travel from the US to the UK/Ireland from Spring 2020 and beyond! Studying abroad with FIE means you are making a more sustainable choice.

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Since 2012 as part of our commitment to the environment, FIE has partnered with ClimateCare to offset our professional air travel. Through this practice, we have offset over 400 tonnes of CO2 - which is the equivalent of saving 977,995 miles per year driven by the average passenger vehicle.

But we want to do more. Our planet and our industry demand it. As is the nature of studying abroad, we believe that flying and travel are a necessary component of becoming an informed global citizen. But we have to balance this with the effect we know it is having on the environment.

We are thrilled that we will be extending our carbon offsetting initiative to include student travel from Spring 2020 onwards.

Key Information for you and your students:

  • All students will receive an email in the coming weeks to announce their roundtrip US to UK or Ireland travel is being offset and to consider how they will continue to make informed travel choices
  • As part of our holistic view of sustainable study abroad, students will receive travel tips on how to explore their destination and beyond in a more efficient way throughout the semester
  • Our award-winning Student Switch Off competition will continue in our residence halls, as well as the end of the year donation drive, information about Meat Free Mondays, and signposting to the carbon footprint calculator

We know that carbon offsetting is only a small step we can take while new technologies are developed. But at the moment, we believe it is the best way to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities. Our value of Sustainability continues to guide the decisions made at FIE.

We hope that our contribution to combatting the effects of global warming and the climate crisis will inspire our students and our partners in the field.

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