FIE statement on education and Black and other minority students.

FIE stands in solidarity with our Black and other minority students, staff, partners, and colleagues. We condemn all forms of racism, discrimination and senseless violence.

The strength of humanity and the bonds between us are based on mutual respect, our tolerance for difference and the plurality of our societies. The events across cities in America and now worldwide embolden all of us to consider the part we can play in encouraging a better tomorrow.

At FIE, we seek to ensure our student body is heard and our classrooms and residential facilities are safe spaces where differing viewpoints can be aired. Our courses will always be objective and structured to strengthen non-orthodox perspectives.

Our Student Scholarship Governance Group ensures access to FIE scholarship funds for underrepresented minority students. Our professional staff include our Diversity and Social Responsibility Officer and Diversity Initiatives and Special Projects Coordinator positions. Our Diversity and Inclusivity Committee oversees fair access and robust systems of support for Black and other minority students.

We operate a Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy for our staff and faculty in which safe spaces, equal opportunities, zero tolerance of discrimination, and dignity and fairness for all are hard wired into our employment and human resource practices.

Education is the key to social justice and it holds the promise for a fairer future. Since our inception, FIE has sought to enable greater access to diverse student groups and to creating an environment of equity between all of our stakeholders.

Embedded in our quality assurance pedagogy is a process of ongoing review of our policies and practices to ensure equity, support and understanding between all of us.

There is not a single switch to change society overnight and eradicate systemic injustice. However, introspection by institutions and organisations, especially in the field of education, can help the sector to be part of the solution in eradicating the causes of systemic racism and we remain committed to this fight and supporting our students.

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