Visiting Faculty

       Visiting Faculty

The assurance of a positive, successful study abroad experience is dependent upon the desire and willingness of all parties involved to work cooperatively throughout the entire program and FIE: Foundation for International Education fully recognizes the influence of visiting faculty in realizing the greatest potential of all its programs. Visiting faculty members can be the most important component in the success of any study abroad program and in this regard, FIE actively supports visiting faculty in multiple ways.

Visiting faculty benefit from access to our professional staff, London classroom facilitiesstudent and faculty housing, organized study tours in London and Dublin, extra-curricular activities, medical and emergency services, and more.


  • Comprehensive program administration in London and Dublin by FIE’s expert staff in Operations, Academics, Student Life, Experiential Education, Facilities Management, and Technology
  • Design and development of customized promotional material, as needed
  • Pre-departure orientations or informational meetings conducted on your campus by FIE staff, as needed
  • On-going communication with our US-based program development staff

Unlike many study abroad service providers, the majority of the senior staff of FIE come from higher education faculty and administrative backgrounds. They have a ready and enduring interest in the educational and learning environment afforded by living, studying, or working in another culture.

FIE provides high-quality student (and in London visiting faculty) residential accommodation close to our program facilities. FIE also provides discipline-specific internships (unpaid) to augment visiting faculty in London and Dublin and highly qualified FIE London faculty.

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