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FIE's fourth Student Global Leadership Conference returns in 2019! Save the Date now for this premier educational event and student destination for undergraduate and graduate students from the US, UK, and around the world. Building on previous conference themes of social justice, diversity, and inclusivity, this year's theme focuses on building a sustainable future.


April 5-7, 2019

Friday: Royal Geographical Society
Saturday and Sunday: Baden-Powell House
South Kensington, London, England UK 
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SGLC Postcard image 2019 It Starts with Us Color Pop OnlyGreat leaders are not just compelling in the present, but have foresight to account for and guide into an uncharted future. Emerging global leaders must think beyond short-term gains and build sustainable communities, policies, practices, and organizations which support our planet, people, and global prosperity.

FIE’s fourth Student Global Leadership Conference will challenge and empower leaders to find opportunities, make positive impacts, and pursue a leadership practice which considers holistic effectiveness, and in return, build a better tomorrow for everyone. Our actions in the present will lead us to a thriving future. 

Whether you are an undergraduate studying abroad with FIE London or Dublin or an undergraduate/graduate international student studying in the UK, the SGLC is sure to be of interest to anyone looking to sharpen their leadership skills. We have welcomed students from many American and UK universities since our inaugural conference in 2013 and look forward to another diverse and exciting delegation again in 2019! 



FIE endeavors to partner with organizations and individuals who share our values on sustainability, diversity and inclusivity, social justice and human rights in order to ensure a consistent vision is fostered across FIE’s operations and throughout the FIE community.

Who should attend?

  • Current student leaders in undergraduate or graduate programs

  • Undergraduate or graduate students who wish to learn more about leadership

  • Anyone seeking inspiration and motivation from diverse leaders

  • Leadership London students


What can I expect?

  • Engaging keynote and breakout sessions offer hands-on, interactive topics featuring unique stories and experiences

  • Sessions focus on giving participants practical examples and take-away tools for real-world implementation

  • The conference workbook provides participants a ‘study guide’ to use throughout the weekend

  • Programming presents aspects of leadership relevant to students currently studying abroad as well as UK students

  • Attendees will be invited to join the conference Facebook event which will provide pre-conference updates and post-conference networking opportunities

  • Presentations will be available online after the conference


What is sustainability?

At FIE, we believe that sustainability is caring well for our ecology, economy and society. This is achieved by active engagement in and awareness of our environmental impacts and responsibilities. This commitment includes implementing new initiatives, which generate positive outcomes, raise consciousness and challenge established sustainability perceptions. By developing practices that support our planet, prosperity and society, we can foster a better and sustainable future for our local community and humanity at large.

For further information or queries, kindly email our SGLC team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Registration for the 2019 conference is now closed. 


The Student Global Leadership Conference isn’t just a weekend – it’s a beginning.

It’s the start of new connections, new ways of thinking and – most importantly – new actions. Throughout the conference, you’ll take inspiration from speakers, share your ideas with fellow delegates and prepare a pitch of your strongest idea. On Sunday, you’ll share your idea with fellow delegates and vote for the best. The winning delegates will receive a prize.

SGLC Big Ideas Timeline

  • Before the conference: Start thinking about things you could do/create/incorporate to make a sustainable difference in your community. What challenges are faced? How could you make a difference? Download our Step by Step guide to get your ideas flowing!
  • Friday: Be inspired by the Conference’s opening Call to Action. At the opening reception, start sharing your ideas with delegates to get their feedback.
  • Saturday: Over lunch start sketching out a pitch for your best idea and practice with other delegates.
  • Sunday: Deliver your pitch to fellow delegates. The best ideas will head to the stage and compete to win prizes. Vote for the 2019 SGLC Big Idea!


PDF Web Download 1: SGLC Big Ideas Step by Step 

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Beginning in 2019, the Student Global Leadership Conference will be a key component of the Leadership London experience. Students with this study abroad focus will attend the conference as a delegate, have the chance to get involved with presentations and workshops, and get the option to help with the planning and running of the event. With a unique focus on students and future leaders, SGLC gives an incredible chance to expand knowledge, gain hands-on leadership experience, and network with current global sustainability leaders. The Leadership London course has a £60 lab fee.   


Thank you to our valued partner schools for their generous platinum sponsorship of the 2019 Student Global Leadership Conference

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