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The polarization of political ideologies and wealth distribution, global health pandemic, systemic racism, privilege, mass bio-extinction, refugee crisis, hardening of borders, social media and the erosion of personal privacy, greater isolation, and an increase in mental ill-health are some examples of the plethora of current challenges that are bringing about change in an uncertain present and future. 

As 2020 has clearly taught us, in a time of instability, it is impossible to predict what the future holds. Indeterminate times demand strong leadership that can shore up an uncharted future. Throughout history, great leaders have brought about positive and enduring change in periods of doubt.  But how can today’s leaders steer us on a path towards positive change when we don’t know what new surprises today and tomorrow will bring? 

FIE’s fifth Student Global Leadership Conference will challenge and empower leaders to scope the challenge ahead, to guide in turbulent times, to channel frustration into action, to ensure greater social cohesion, and to seek a better, fairer future for the benefit of us all. 


Whether you are an undergraduate studying abroad with FIE London or Dublin or an undergraduate/graduate international student studying in the UK, the SGLC is sure to be of interest to anyone looking to sharpen their leadership skills. We have welcomed students from many American and UK universities since our inaugural conference in 2013 and look forward to another diverse and exciting delegation again in 2020! 


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FIE endeavors to partner with organizations and individuals who share our values on sustainability, diversity and inclusivity, social justice and human rights in order to ensure a consistent vision is fostered across FIE’s operations and throughout the FIE community.

Who should attend?

  • Current student leaders in undergraduate or graduate programs

  • Undergraduate or graduate students who wish to learn more about leadership

  • Anyone seeking inspiration and motivation from diverse leaders

  • Leadership London students



Who is SGLC open to?

  • UK or European university students
  • FIE students
  • non-FIE study abroad students in London
  • non-FIE study abroad students in Dublin
  • students currently enrolled at US Universities
  • students currently enrolled in international Universities
  • professionals in the field of higher education
  • professionals in the field of study abroad


What can I expect?

  • The start of new connections, new way of thinking, and – most importantly – new actions 
  • Engaging keynote and sessions offer hands-on, interactive topics featuring unique stories and experiences
  • Opportunity to research and present topics to an international audience in an online format  
  • Sessions focus on giving participants practical examples and take-away tools for real-world implementation
  • The conference online workbook provides participants a ‘study guide’ to use throughout the weekend
  • Programming presents aspects of leadership relevant to students currently studying abroad as well as UK students
  • Attendees will be invited to join the conference Facebook event which will provide pre-conference updates and post-conference networking opportunities
  • Presentations will be available online after the conference

For further information or queries, kindly email our SGLC team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Student Global Leadership Conference isn’t just a weekend – it’s a beginning.

It’s the start of new connections, new ways of thinking and – most importantly – new actions. Prepare a pitch for how you will be a leader for change and share it with your fellow delegates at the Sunday morning session. All delegates and our panel of judges will vote for the best idea, with the winning ideas taking home a prize.

SGLC Big Ideas Timeline

  • Before the conference: Become a contestant by submitting your Big Idea to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. What’s something you could do/create/incorporate to make a difference in your community. What challenges are faced? How could you make a difference? Download our Step by Step guide to get your ideas flowing, and we’ll also give you some feedback as you start to craft and hone your pitch.
  • Friday: Be inspired by the Conference’s opening Call to Action. At the opening reception, start sharing your idea with delegates to get their feedback – and start canvassing for votes!
  • Saturday: You’ll attend a special session just for Big Ideas contestants where you’ll have an opportunity to practice your pitch and get additional feedback.
  • Sunday: Deliver your pitch to fellow delegates and our panel of judges. The best ideas will win prizes.

PDF Web Download 1: SGLC Big Ideas Step by Step 

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The Student Global Leadership Conference will be a key component of the Leadership London experience. Students with this study abroad focus will attend the conference as a delegate, have the chance to get involved with presentations and workshops, and get the option to help with the planning and running of the event. With a unique focus on students and future leaders, SGLC gives an incredible chance to expand knowledge, gain hands-on leadership experience, and network with current global sustainability leaders. The Leadership London course has a £60 lab fee.   


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