Student Global Leadership Conference

Presented by FIE: Foundation for Interntional Education

APRIL 10 - 11, 2021


It is impossible to predict what the future holds. SGLC is an online event for students and delegates from across the world to explore how they can become better leaders and think about leadership in a new way. This is crucial now more than ever.

SGLC 2021 is completely free of charge. The Student Global Leadership Conference is an opportunity to challenge yourself, delve into your leadership aspirations, and connect with others who want to make a difference.

Attend as many or as few presentations as you want. However many you attend, let's build a better, fairer future by channeling frustration into action!

SGLC 2021 is a fully reimagined online version of the in-person Student Global Leadership Conference, which has been hosted by FIE: Foundation for International Education since 2013. It was developed to bring people together who feel as passionate as we do about sustainability, diversity &inclusivity, social justice, and human rights. We believe that by inspiring and empowering YOU - the change makers of the future – can all enjoy a better tomorrow. Join us to make it happen!   

FOR FACULTY & UNIVERSITY STAFF: Utilize sessions from the Student Global Leadership Conference in your own academic course, leadership seminar, team building exercise, or student organization! Custom Zoom breakout rooms for your small group during the conference are available. Get in touch with conference@fie.org.uk


Who should attend?

Students in undergraduate or graduate programs, wherever you are in the world, who wish to learn about leadership


Anyone seeking inspiration and motivation from diverse leaders


 Higher Education and study abroad professionals 

Benefits of the SGLC

Engaging keynotes and presentations, featuring interactive topics and unique stories


Practical examples and take-away tools for real-world implementation


Unique online format and ability to connect with other students from around the globe from home

Networking Opportunities

Interact with other students and leadership professionals during live a Q&A following all presentations


Contibute your thoughts and hear from others during panels and keynote speakers


Connect with other delegates after the conference by sharing your contact information - grow your global network from home


Dr. Cath Bishop
Dr. Cath BishopFormer Olympian and Diplomat
Judy Ling Wong
Judy Ling WongHonorary President of the Black Environment Network

SGLC 2021 Big Ideas Button Image

SGLC isn’t just a weekend – it’s a beginning. It’s the start of new connections, new ways of thinking and – most importantly – new actions. 

Prepare a pitch for your idea on how you will be a leader for change - your BIG IDEA. Share it with your fellow delegates at the Big Ideas presentation at the conference on Sunday. All conference delegates will vote for the best idea, with the winning ideas taking home cash prizes.

After you register, you'll be sent our Step-by-Step guide to help you plan and start thinking what your Big Idea could be!  

Conference Registration
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All session times listed in GMT, London time. Please check when sessions occur in your own local time zone. 

Introduction and HousekeepingOkeke SQUARE

3:00 pm - Victor Mellors, Conference Director


GenoveseLeadership for Change in an Uncertain World

3:10 pm - Dr. Michael Genovese, SGLC Education Consultant

Opening welcome address

Dr Cath Bishop SQUARE 278x278Keynote Speaker

3:20 pm - Dr. Cath Bishop

Keynote speaker and Q&A

© Giulia Spadafora / Soul MediaEmpowering Women As Leaders: A Recipe for Success

4:00 pm - Presentation 1 and Q&A - Eve Alcock

What factors predict leadership emergence? What practical things can help me navigate the world of work as a woman in leadership?

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4:40 pm

Fiona for OV SQUARECan Concert Chums Combat Lonliness? Providing Leadership During Uncertain Times in the Classical Music World

4:50 pm - Presentation 2 and Q&A - Fiona Gibbs & Orchestra Vitae

To what extent does one’s interaction with others affect how one perceives a live performance or event? If there was a means of controlling how much the audience interacted with one another, would this enhance or detract from their experience of the event as a whole?

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5:30 pm - Presentation 3 and Q&A - Dr. Rene Hernandez

A comparison of three countries who have dealth with major catastrophic disasters. How does resilience in communities change? How does tradition and culture influence a country’s reaction to a catastrophic event?

HJD SQUAREChanging Leadership - Panel and Q&A

6:10 pm - Dr. Heidi James-Dunbar (Chair), 

Featuring Eve Alcock, Isabella Errigo, Valencia Gabay

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6:50 pm

Valencia Gabay SQUAREBuilding a Culture of Adaptability At the Intersection of Transformational Leadership and Communities of Practice

7:00 pm - Presentation 4 and Q&A - Valencia Gabay

What are the specific challenges educational leaders face in fostering a culture of adaptability in virtual work environments? How can educational leaders become effective transformational leaders in virtual work environments to better support their followers though change initiatives?

Isabella Errigo Image SQUARE LargeBridging the Gap: Understanding and Communicating Science to Enact Positive Change

7:40 pm - Presentation 5 and Q&A - Isabella Errigo

Who in your community should you communicate your concerns to in order to enact change? Where can you access accurate, credible, and understandable information to educate yourself on the reality of global issues?

Diana TumanCan Evaluating the Culture in a Global Organization Help Pinpoint Characteristics to Drive Innovation and Agility?

8:20 pm - Presentation 6 and Q&A - Diana Tuman

Is there a regional difference in the current and preferred organizational culture in a global biotechnology company? What can leaders learn and furthermore implement to help guide their strategic leadership style?

Mellors SQUAREClosing Remarks

9:00 pm - Victor Mellors, Conference Director


All session times listed in GMT, local London time. Please check when sessions occur in your own time zone. 

Mellors SQUAREWelcome to Day 2

3:00 pm - Victor Mellors, Conference Director

judy 2021 squareLeadership at a Time of Crisis in an Uncertain World

3:10 pm - Judy Ling Wong

Keynote speaker and Q&A

                               Theory Of Change: Two Loop Model

3:50 pm - Presentation 1 and Q&A - Inna Chilik

Inna is the winner of the Big Ideas competition at SGLC 2019 and currently a  Programme manager at Climate-KIC. How do larger systems change? What role do you see for yourself in these times of transition?

I'm determined to do my own latte art one day. But until then I'll just admire the results from the Caffe Artigiano baristas.Coffee Break

4:30 pm

Rene Hernandez et al SQUAREChildhood Food insecurities in Developed Countries

4:40 - Presentation 2 and Q&A  - Dr. Rene Hernandez, Paige Stefanski, Joanna Cooley

 Is there current research that supports the negative impact of food insecurities on workforce, job readiness, or short and long term heath of children?

Ken Hassell SQUAREUn-Common Sense: Re-Searching Power and Knowledge

5:20 pm - Presentation 3 and Q&A - Ken Hassell

Why are destructive forms of power and knowledge often invisible and difficult to detect? How can we avoid perpetuating stereotypes in our work by practicing and imbibing greater uncertainty and complexity?

SGLC 2021 Big Ideas Button ImageBig Ideas

6:00 pm - Natalia Okeke

Join us for this exciting competition during SGLC 2021

I'm determined to do my own latte art one day. But until then I'll just admire the results from the Caffe Artigiano baristas.Coffee Break

6:30 pm 

Drexel LogoExploring the Power of Consumers 'Greater Purpose' in Shaping Businesses' Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

6:40 pm - Presentation 4 and Q&A - Nika Chugh, Nick Constantino, Sophia Desko, Trame Le, Rachael Wright

What are external factors that drive businesses to initiate corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs? How does the idea of greater purpose influence a person’s everyday life both as a consumer and an individual?

Basil ReadLeading and Following in Uncertain Times Through Influence, Collaboration, and Engagement 

7:20 pm - Presentation 5 and Q&A - Basil Read

How do followers effectively partner with the leader? How can you lead and impact and organization without being appointed to a leader position?

Ray Reeves SQUAREThe Role of Artificial Intelligence in Ethical Choice

8:00 pm - Presentation 6 and Q&A - Ray Reeves

 What is AI’s role in a leader’s ethical philosophy? Can AI help leaders make more ethical decisions?

I'm determined to do my own latte art one day. But until then I'll just admire the results from the Caffe Artigiano baristas.Big Ideas Winners and Closing Remarks

8:40 pm - Natalia Okeke, Dr. Julie Ann, Andreshak, and Victor Mellors



The Student Global Leadership Conference is hosted by FIE: Foundation for International Education. All conference enquires can be directed to conference@fie.org.uk

Accessibility statement: FIE endeavours to ensure an accessible experience for all SGLC attendees. If you have any questions or concerns relating to the accessibility of SGLC, or any specific requests or requirements, please contact conference@fie.org.uk. You can also detail any requests in the conference registration form. 

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