Before You Go - Dublin


There are many things to prepare for and organize before your departure from your home country to your study abroad location. Essential information will be communicated to you via your student portal and email.

In addition to any home-school preparation, students might have, pre-departure orientations on partner campuses are often conducted by a visiting FIE staff member. Students also have access to FIE pre-departure guides to help them with their preparation.



FIE staff will communicate with you via email following your acceptance to FIE. Please ensure the email address you gave on the FIE Administration Form is correct and that your junk mail settings allow messages from FIE to reach your inbox. 

You will receive the following information from FIE staff via email:

  • Welcome to FIE Dublin 
  • Important FIE Dublin Information 
  • Insurance Documentation
  • Internship students will receive placement information

The FIE Dublin Student Handbook is available online with information about everything from what to pack to how to get around Dublin. 


US students do not need a visa to study in Dublin, Ireland. Upon arrival, however, you will need to have the following documentation with you to show to the border agent:

  • Your Passport and return flight details
  • Letter of Acceptance from Dublin Academic Institution
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Funds
    • Evidence of €500 for each month of your program. This needs to be shown by a bank statement not older than one month.
  • Written Prescriptions for any prescription medications you are bringing into Ireland

All non-EU students studying in the Republic of Ireland for more than 3 months are required to complete a registration process with Immigration Services (INIS) and pay a €300 registration fee within 30 days of when you first landed at Dublin Airport. Registration is by appointment only. FIE will email you information on making your appointment online in advance of your arrival.

FIE recommends US nationals register with the STEP program on the US Students Abroad page as well as checking out Ireland's page on the US Department of State's website. 

For students from other countries, please consult the student visa requirements page of the Education in Ireland website for detailed information to determine whether you will need to apply for a visa in advance of arrival.