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FIE Image Library Internships Hiro  Wolf 26London offers a vast resource for experience-based learning. The work environments available to FIE interns cater to
almost every major and include the various business sectors, not-for-profit, political, public sector and creative organizations. Through FIE’s internship placements, you have the opportunity to build professional skills, increase industry knowledge and experience working in a different culture and in a major global city.



Our partners are primarily small and medium-sized organizations, not large corporations. Working with a small team on a short-term internship, you have the opportunity to earn more responsibilities within the workplace.

The tasks that internship students are asked to undertake at their placement are varied and can include: administrative support, event planning and attendance, errand running, data entry, research, letter and report writing, project support and a variety of other responsibilities. Exact tasks assigned are based on the needs of the organization at any given time, as well as your skill set and attitude. Your commitment to the work site and your IIC coursework will determine your success in the placement. Check out our Internship Handbook for more information.


  • Semester (15.5-weeks)
  • Winter Quarter (10.5-weeks)



Phase 1: Weeks 1 - 7

Week 8

Phase 2: Weeks 9 - 15





Fall and Spring Semester Internships

Required British Life Key Course (choice of British Life and Cultures, British Life and Business, British Life and Visual Media, or British Life and Europe) meets for three hours a week.

Two or three other selected elective courses; more information is available at:

During this period, students will interview for internships/service internships and sites are confirmed 


Mid-semester Break 

Classes meet two days per week. The required British Life Key Course continues for three hours a week. The International Internship Course/International Service Internship Course meets during Phase 2 as a space for reflection on the placement experience (if applicable). Some elective courses continue while others begin. Students also have the opportunity to continue on study only.

Internships are scheduled for three days a week.



FIE’s Experiential Education Team in London will evaluate your CV, coursework and experience carefully to ensure an appropriate match is made between your background and the needs of our partner organizations. Students will choose three different industry choices of interest. While every effort is made to place you in your first choice internship area, we will use second and third internship choices as necessary.

If needed, we’ll work with you to make your application as strong as possible. Then we start contacting potential employers on your behalf to match your skills and objectives to the needs of our partner organizations. 


Your Internship Orientation during the first week will prepare you for your in-person interview and provide you with tips for succeeding in a new workplace and a new culture! You meet with the Experiential Education Team for your Internship Placement Information Meeting (PIMS) and begin the International Internship Course (IIC). During your meeting, the EE team will discuss the organization you will be interviewing for as well as tips on getting to the location via public transportation, appropriate smart dress for the work place, and reminders to bring your police check to the interview. 

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


London internship placements are available in the following areas:




An internship is first and foremost a cultural experience. Interning in an international environment is an excellent learning opportunity to expand your cross-cultural skills. In an ever-changing global marketplace, your internship with FIE allows you to diversify your experience and have a resume that stands out among your peers when you return to your home country. More and more, employers are seeking students who are culturally aware and will be successful working in an international company. 

Work environments and work practices in the U.K. are different from those in the U.S. The Experiential Education Team will provide the expertise required to develop your choices into the reality of an international internship in London. It's your responsibility to provide the willingness to accept a reality that may be different from your initial expectations.

The most successful placements have students that are:

  • Flexible
  • Open-minded
  • Positive
  • Able to have a sense of humor when things are different or new
  • Willing to adapt to difficult, unfamiliar, and challenging situations


Wondering what it's really like to intern in London? Don't take our word for it. Here is what our former students have to say about their experience.

Study Abroad with FIE 

"On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I had classes like Travel Writing, English Broadcast Communications, and the London Olympics. On Thursday and Friday, those who had chosen to participate in an internship (me) would attend their place of work from 9am to 5pm. I was fortunate to be assigned to a beauty, health, and nutrition public relations agency called CCD PR. It was an intimidating experience, my first internship being in a whole new country that had different expectations of office culture, but I adjusted and learned a lot in the process."

- Meredith Goeringer, FIE London Intern, Fall 2013

Read Merediths's review, along with others at GoAbroadGoOverseas,and Abroad101.



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