FIE Scholarships


FIE offers several $500-$2,000 merit-based scholarships to qualified students accepted into our programs. 

In memory of our late Chairman, Sharif Rahman, FIE established the Sharif Rahman Scholarship program in 2003. FIE's founder and an international educator of the highest integrity, Sharif's vision and energy shaped the development of FIE and his work has enriched the field of education abroad. 

Applications may require additional submissions, such as an essay or advisor/professor recommendation. Please read all guidance and contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with further questions.


Sharif Rahman

Sharif Rahman, FIE Founder

Sharif Rahman Memorial Scholarship - Semester Programs

The scholarships, worth $1,000, are open to students on fall/spring programs in London and Dublin.

Application is by competition. Students can choose from three application routes:

Route 1: Diversity and Inclusivity; Challenges & Opportunities Faced by Underrepresented Groups

Route 2: Environmental Responsibility

Route 3: Charity: The Marol Academy, South Sudan

These various pathways provide students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful cultural immersion and social responsibility projects and activities.

Sharif Rahman Memorial Scholarship - Summer Programs

There are two scholarships open to our summer program students. The scholarships are open to students in the London Summer Internship programs or Dublin Summer program (worth $500) and London-Amman Peace & Conflict Resolution summer program (worth $1000).  

Anonymous Donor - Peace and Conflict Resolution

The scholarships, worth $2,000, are provided by an anonymous donor and open to students enrolled in London-Amman Peace & Conflict Resolution summer program. 


  • Fall Semester or Quarter - July 1 prior to fall arrival
  • Spring Semester, Spring or Winter Quarter - November 15 prior to spring arrival
  • Summer Term - March 15 prior to summer arrival


All applications are made through StudioAbroad. Please see link for more information.