You Said We Did 2


 We don't just ask for your opinion, we do something about it! 




It would be useful if internship information was sent earlier and it provided more details on the industry, the company, the internship position, and dress code.

We have completely revised our internship preparation materials and all information is now easily accessible directly on our website, presented in a clear and engaging way
More courses available on journalism, languages, architecture, filmmaking, culture, London subcultures, psychology, diversity with a focus on refugees and migration, markets in London New courses developed and approved – Literary London , Intro to the Business Practices of the Evolving British Music IndustryHarry Potter: Magic, Myth & Meaning, and Diversity in Britain: Immigration, Discrimination, and Integration
Course packs are too cumbersome and a waste of paper We made all of our course reading packs online only, with no printed materials for academic coursework 




More information should be sent earlier prior to arrival, and there should be less, more concise, and engaging emails We introduced the ‘Preparing for London’ email campaign, reducing the number of emails from 14 to 5, and incorporating clear checklists of actions students need to complete at the time of each email
Registration day is too busy and disorganized. Passport copies take too long. We have allocated timeslots per group/institution to spread arrivals throughout the day and avoid overcrowding. We invested in two tablets and implemented scanning instead of photocopying of passports which has reduced the waiting time to 1 minute per passport
Laundry app is difficult to use and malfunctions often. It’s hard to plan when to do laundry since there are machines only in two of the residences We replaced the app with a top-up contactless card which is easy to use and does not depend on mobile phone settings or wi-fi
The immigration information and visa application processes are difficult to understand We revised the information on the website, updated Visa Guides with visual aids and process timelines, and created clearer emails.
We would like to receive clearer, individual class schedules prior to arrival We invested in a new scheduling system, which provides individual schedules for each student. The schedules are sent 1 month prior to arrival.
The study spaces in Metrogate are not conducive to group work  We reconfigured the study lounge and quiet working area in Metrogate to offer more large desk and laptop spaces. We also added dedicated study & co-working spaces that are available to reserve. 




On orientation days it was hard to find the various sites Residence Life Supervisors lead groups of students for every registration slot from the residences to Foundation House
The orientation schedule could be better structured and indicate all events, timings, locations, and mandatory meetings New schedule in a leaflet format was created and distributed in both paper and electronic form.
Student residences get too hot on warm days  Our Facilities team installed fans in each student residence to help keep students cool in the summer 




Internet speed and wifi coverage could be better We are gradually replacing old access points with new ones which can handle more users at any given time. New firewalls were put in place which have a pass-through of 100Mbps on 100Mbps network and 1gbps (1024Mbps) on 1gbps network.

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