Our Mission


Our mission is to provide high-quality educational experiences to the global community. In pursuit of these goals, FIE is committed to the development of creative learning environments wherein an understanding of, and appreciation for, the privileges and responsibilities of international citizenship is fostered. This commitment is driven by the belief that interaction between people of diverse cultures is the base upon which empathy among nations is built.


Experiential learning is a philosophy and methodology which engages learners purposefully in direct experience, focused reflection, and authentic assessment in order to increase knowledge, develop skills and strategies, clarify values, and apply prior learning.

Experiential learning can take place almost anywhere – the classroom, the community, or the workplace. The learning is not defined by its physical location, but rather its structure incorporating first-hand experience.

Traveling abroad can be a rewarding and transformative experience on its own, but study abroad provides the structure and opportunity for high-impact practices to promote and foster learning. At FIE we structure every aspect of our provision to take advantage of the unique and rich learning opportunities available in our study locations to promote scholarship and academic rigor.  Examples include:

  • Interning in a local company, writing reflective journals, analyzing work culture and articulating skills obtained onto the résumé
  • Reading an article about British Parliament, reflecting on discussion points, then touring the landmark and completing an assignment
  • Watching a film on sustainability before venturing into the local community to collect data on a particular area of focus covered in the film and writing a report on the results
  • Volunteering at a community center in Dublin, discussing how the charity’s work impacts the community, and writing an essay on how the experience has impacted you
  • Attending a lecture by a food historian on the history of society and cheese, while tasting the cheeses and food products described
  • Meeting with the Israeli ambassador to Jordan and interviewing him on his country’s views and political positions
  • Watching a documentary then having a class Skype call with the director and asking them about their creative choices
  • Touring Chelsea Football Club with an experienced guide, examining the brand and then reviewing the company as a case study in global marketing
  • Attending a new production at a fringe theatre, discussing the merits of the performance and writing a critical review in the style of a particular professional reviewer
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