FIE Image Library Classes In Action 1With over 40 universities located within the city’s limits, education remains one of the things that London does best. That and meat pies.

With London’s lively streets as your classroom, you can revel in all the familiar landmarks — Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye. Why not recite Shakespearean sonnets in the Globe Theater or quote Peter Pan beneath Big Ben? Living in London means daily time travel, as innovative, modern architecture stands proudly beside centuries-old neighbors. 

FIE’s study abroad London programs seize the best of both worlds. With an emphasis on co-curricular activities to ensure you contextualize your academic learning, FIE London offers extensive and authentic exposure to the daily lives of Brits. Foundation House serves as not only as your homebase, but also as your launchpad to adventure (but not just any kind of adventure — the juicy kind that leads to boundless inspiration and profound lifelong lessons).



With FIE London you can pursue studies for just about any major imaginable. Our students can choose from over 30 electives from this smörgåsbord of options:



  • Semester — 15.5 weeks
  • Fall Quarter — 11.5 weeks
  • Winter Quarter — 10.5 weeks
  • Spring Quarter — 11.5 weeks
  • Summer Study 1 — 5.4 weeks
  • Summer Study 2 — 4.3 weeks



  • GPA: 2.75
  • NOTE: Your home institution may require a higher GPA and other prerequisites
  • If you currently attend an FIE partner institution, contact your study abroad advisor on campus to learn of any additional requirements
  • If you do not currently attend one of our partner institutions, for any clarifications or to express questions/concerns



  • Check with your study abroad advisor for course equivalencies, credit approval, and transcript information on your campus
  • Based on your campus requirements, you may receive a transcript from your home university or from Drexel University, FIE’s School of Record
  • Depending on courses selected and approval on your campus, you will earn:
    • 12-16 credits/semester
    • 18-24 credits/quarter
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