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Reverse Culture ShockFIE Dublin Residences 8
Many students returning from study abroad programs experience what is known as reverse culture shock, meaning they find it difficult to reintegrate into their home country and way of life. Studying abroad and interning gives you insights into your own way of life and you may have a new perspective on your own culture.

Your experiences with FIE in Dublin will have changed you. You may have new habits, behaviors, values and friends, and find your confidence has increased. Your friends and family may notice personal growth and changes also, and may be unprepared for the new you. This can often lead you to feelings of isolation and difficulties in relating to people who have not had the same experiences as you.

Remember reverse culture shock is a phase, and you will soon settle back into a routine. To help alleviate this transitional period, stay in touch with any friends that you made while in Dublin who can relate to your Dublin experiences. Contact your study abroad office for advice and support, and above all, don’t worry – these feelings will pass! Don’t forget, you can always visit Ireland again, and your study abroad and interning experience will be one you will value for years to come.

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