What FIE offers you

  • Over 25 years of expertise in developing and managing experiential learning experiences 
  • Immersive study abroad programs in the UK, Ireland, and Spain
  • We enable you to transform life-changing cultural experiences into personal and professional advantages
  • Active participation in British, Irish, or Spanish culture
  • Academic courses that are supported by cocurricular activities such as study tours that foster community connection and understanding
  • Internships - gain real-world experience and build connections with a broader network of people
  • Unique summer program focusing on peace and conflict resolution in Amman, Jordan

Our Programs

  • London, Dublin, and Madrid study abroad programs with Internships
  • Study programs in Barcelona 
  • Semester and Quarter programs
  • Spring, Summer, and Fall programs
  • Cocurricular and extracurricular activities across the UK, Ireland, and Spain
  • Online Internships
  • Summer Conflict and the Struggle for Peace program in Amman, Jordan
  • No application fee
  • Significant number of scholarships available


FIE in the words of our students

On FIE redefining the classroom experience

“We understand a topic not just based on lectures but by going to talk to local people, doing field trips.”

”You get immersed and see things for yourself that you are taught in the class”


On FIE’s supportive environment

“They are a family away from home: FIE professors, students and staff”

“You do it all by yourself but you know FIE supports you all the time”




We believe work experience is key. It allows you to discover if the career path you would like to take is right for you and it increases chances of employability in a globalized world. FIE believes study abroad experiences enable you to gain the knowledge, skills, and global perspective to create your future and make a positive impact


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