What is Britain’s historical relationship with peoples that later migrated to Britain?  How have forms of religion been transplanted, transformed and helped in the building of community? What does it mean to grow up as an immigrant in London?  The course will be a study of Britons from multi-ethnic backgrounds, which have evolved from diaspora communities into multicultural ethnicities. The strobe will be on London, a “global city” where much of the debate focuses on these transnational communities that inhabit the capital, the unique mixture of cultural assets and beliefs, and the consequent challenging inequalities.

Students enrolled in this course will the diasporas of the Black community, Chinese and South Asians, and religions in the global diasporas –Jewish, Islamic & Sikh.  At the conclusion of this course, students will attain a sound knowledge of the transnational nature of the modern world and will have developed an anthropological perspective and related skills in dealing with issues in the diaspora.



  • Museum of Docklands
  • Brick Lane, East London
  • Neasden Temple



Transnational Studies: Global Diasporas

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