Academic Advisory Council

The mission and responsibility of the Academic Advisory Council* (AAC) and any Ad Hoc committees it might appoint is to contribute to the academic quality and viability of FIE academic programs by providing insight, information and support to FIE in the areas including:

  • program development, quality and management
  • program outcomes and evaluation
  • outreach and enrollment development

The FIE Board of Directors has acted to create an Academic Advisory Council* which will reflect the diversity of FIE partners and other academic organizations with which FIE might work, seeking to create a board which is reflective of the many diverse academic constituencies which support US education abroad and which includes members who can make unique contributions enabling FIE to better fulfill its mission.

We welcome your expression of interest to become engaged with the work of the Council. 

* Previously, Academic Advisory Board (AAB)

AAC Manager - Dr. Julie Ann Andreshak




2014 Academic Advisory Council Annual Report

2015 Academic Advisory Council Annual Report

2016 Academic Advisory Council Annual Report

2017 Academic Advisory Council Annual Report