Fun Facts


Here are some fun facts about the Emerald Isle that you may find useful before you begin your cross-cultural study abroad journey. 

Facts About Ireland

Facts About Dublin

Irish Perceptions of Americans

  • The Republic of Ireland is an island with a population of approximately 4 million people.
  • Ireland’s currency is the Euro (€).
  • Ireland's country calling code is +353. You will need to dial this to call an Irish number if you are using a US mobile phone, or if someone from the US is trying to reach you at an Irish number. 
  • Ireland is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). During Standard time, it is 8 hours ahead of LA and 5 hours ahead of NYC.
  • The island is divided into 32 counties (including the 6 counties comprising Northern Ireland) within 4 provinces: Leinster, Munster, Connacht, and Ulster (all of Northern Ireland is within Ulster).  Northern Ireland is its own country, independent of the Republic of Ireland, and its residents are citizens of the United Kingdom. The situation between Ireland and Northern Ireland remains a very delicate issue – educate yourself on both the history and current politics before arriving.
  • Ireland’s culture is heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church.
  • A major difference in culture is that everything in Ireland, Dublin, and most of Europe is much smaller! You will find that cars, buildings, and space in general are not as large as in the US, and you might notice the difference in space in your apartment where you may be living closely with others.

·         Dublin is located in County Dublin, in the province of Leinster.

·         The population in Greater Dublin is approximately 1.5 million.

·         Dublin is divided into postal districts, with even postcodes located south of the River. Liffey and odd postcodes located on the north side. Postcode numbers increase the further you are from the City Centre (which is comprised of Dublin 1 and 2).

·         All Dublin landline phone numbers begin with 01.

·         Dublin has experienced an economic roller coaster since the turn of the century and is currently on the road to recovery. During the economic boom or ‘Celtic tiger’ period, the face of the city changed immensely, and Dublin in now a multicultural capital.

·         The Irish are known for their friendliness and hospitality.

·         It’s a safe city, but like any other large city, crimes do take place.

·         Walking and public transport are the most frequent and reliable ways to travel.

·         There is no typical weather in Dublin. It is constantly changing and you can experience all four seasons in one day!

·         Americans are loud, dramatic, or over-animated, but are also friendly and approachable.

·         Americans are competitive and confident.

·         Americans have great customer service skills.

·         Americans are naive about the rest of the world – this is something that you can change by example if you familiarize yourself with world events and news.

·         Ireland is a very welcoming nation towards Americans, but the locals may enjoy a political debate for the sake of discussion. Do not take offence to their questions as many are truly interested in hearing your views. Follow international news and keep yourself educated.