What is the contemporary relationship of Britain to the rest of Europe?  What are the key historical developments behind such a union?  How does Britain define itself culturally against the backdrop of European identity?  Students who take this course will be challenged to think critically about the UK’s links with its European neighbors and the impact these have on the very definition of modern Europe.

Through a combination of lecture, debate, and co-curricular activities students will gain a familiarity with the main historical background to the UK’s relations with its European neighbors, understand the key moments in the process of the UK joining the EEC in 1973 and subsequent developments up to the present day.  Upon completion of the course, students will be able to think critically about culture and identity in general, and in relation to issues concerning British and European identity.


  • The Crystal, London
  • Brick Lane, East London
  • Brixton


British Life and Europe

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