It has been said that the US and UK are two countries divided by a common language.  So what are the definitive cultural differences between these two nations?  How do the British people define themselves in relation to their European neighbors and the rest of the world?  How have historical, political, and artistic developments shaped the identity of this small island nation?  This course serves as the anchor of a study program in London, offering students an opportunity to place what they are learning in their other courses into a larger, contemporary context.

Students will be empowered to appreciate more of what they observe during their stay in Britain.  Students enrolled in this course will develop an understanding of the issues of this rapidly changing nation and the exciting effects this has on British identity, its relationship with Europe and the rest of the world. In addition to the traditional classroom experience, learning will be supplemented with guest speakers and guided visits to places of both historical and contemporary significance.


  • Bishopsgate Institute
  • Bletchley Park
  • Kew Gardens


 British Life and Cultures

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