What is the British identity?  How do the British people reflect this identity in its television, film and visual arts?  How have the developments in Visual Media impacted cultural growth in the UK and abroad?  How is British culture perceived when Visual Media is exported overseas?  Students taking this course will examine issues of cultural identity as reflected by British film, television, photography and the visual arts.

The course explores the new Britain through a unique balance between classroom instruction by British faculty, guest speakers from all walks of public life, and guided visits to places of both historical and contemporary significance.  Students will gain an understanding of British culture and society by examining the history of its major social and political institutions, the cultural values of its peoples and significant contemporary socio-political issues and debates emphasizing the impact the development Visual Media has had on British life.


  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Street Art Tour, Brick Lane
  • BBC One Show, BBC Studios


 British Life and Visual Media

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