Everyone knows British bands like The Beatles and Oasis, but what is the political and cultural impact of this revolutionary music? How did the music we know and love develop from industrial city slums to chart-topping hits?  How does music define British identity?  This course examines a wide range of important musical styles and cultures in twentieth-century Britain.

Students in this course will be exposed to various cultural theories and apply these approaches to the subcultures that emerged in the UK after the Second World War, such as Teddy Boys, Rockers, and Mods.  They will explore the “symbolic subsystems” of each group - their music, style, speech, and ritual – alongside notions of deviance, consumerism, identity, territoriality, and performance. At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to examine the stylistic traits of different artists and genres (the forms, lyrics, instrumentation etc.).



Three Concerts in:

  • Pop/Rock
  •  Jazz
  • Classical



Music in Twentieth Century Britain

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