Do you fancy yourself a novelist or a writer of short stories?  Not sure how do you develop your main characters?  How should you structure the plot?  What point of view should you choose?  The focus of this course will be decidedly practical as students learn to read as writers, gleaning tips on the craft. Students will consider the processes of writing, aiming to uncover various methods of confronting potential issues. London’s own vibrant arts scene and literary traditions form a fascinating focus and locus for the study of creative writing. Class members will engage with local novelists, poets, and playwrights through guest lectures and readings.

The literary-steeped surroundings of London provide the perfect backdrop for students to explore their own creative powers. This popular course will provide students with the rare opportunity to develop their own work within the context of contemporary British writing. Although the focus will be on fiction writing, students will also have the opportunity to experiment with various other forms and genres. Classes examining contemporary British literature are complemented by writing workshops.

Writing workshops will be simultaneously rigorous and nurturing, providing students with the perfect forum for collective and constructive critique. Our approach will focus on imaginative task setting, scrupulous analysis, sincere encouragement, and constructive criticism. By the end of the course, each class member will have collected a portfolio of work. The program will end with a literary event, at which each student will have the opportunity to read a selection of his/her work.



  • Keats House, Hampstead
  • Screening of Howards End
  • London Walk

Note: This is a semester-long course.



The Nature of Story: Creative Writing (Semester-Long)

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