What power does the Monarchy still have?  How does a democratic government work without a written constitution?  Who are the Tories, the Lib-Dems, and Labour? How do British Politics differ from those of the United States?  Students enrolled in this course will be provided an understanding of the British system of government and the political process in Britain, as well as the socio-historical processes that have shaped modern Britain.

This course will cover topics concerning the Monarchy, the Parliament, political parties, the Prime Minister, political ideology, and political culture. Throughout the course, comparisons with American politics and society will be made as a point of reference to provide the student with a better framework for understanding British politics.  This is an introductory course on contemporary British politics, and therefore requires no previous political science courses.



  • Imperial War Museum
  • Cabinet War Rooms
  • Debate at Houses of Parliament



British Politics

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