What is the mass media and how do we relate to it?  What is the political role of the press and broadcasting in Britain? What impact does Hollywood have on the British Film industry?  What function do the various British newspaper have?  This course will explore British media organizations as social, economic and cultural entities and examines specific determinants and processes of production.

Students enrolled in this course will gain an in-depth understanding of broadcasting and the film industry, the press and the ‘convergent’ new media of digital television and the Internet. As popular perceptions of the media often revolve around the excitement, glamour, creativity, and controversy, this course attempts to separate myths from reality and give students a pragmatic approach of what the British media are about and what working for them entails.



  • ITV studios for Broadcast of the Jeremy Vine Show
  • British Board of Film Classification
  • The One Show, BBC Television, Broadcasting House



Media in Britian



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