What is Fair Trade and how does it fit with traditional notions of free trade?  Do business ethics and business profits actually conflict?  Where do moral rights come into play in the workplace?  What is Carbon Trading and is it working?  This interdisciplinary course examines several ethical dilemmas facing today’s businesses given contemporary global challenges.

The course seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility where companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business practice. The course also traces the rise of corporate social responsibility in Europe and explores the evolving relationship between business practice and wider society. It looks at the emergence of international standards and codes of conduct and examines whether these influence business practice. In addition, the course considers whether managers should be responsible not only to company shareholders but also to others. The course also evaluates the impact of ethical consumption, fair-trade initiatives, and climate change policy. Finally, in light of London’s importance as an international financial center, the course considers the role of ethics in finance, investment, and banking.



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Ethical Dilemmas: Business and the World

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